Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Bucket List

If I would die tomorrow, what would I do today?

Morbid thoughts, but that's the essence of having a bucket list.

A bucket list is a list of things that you haven't done but you wanna do before you die. 

I really havent given this a lot of thought but I just read this blog that talked about death and it got me thinking about a bucket list. I want to do something worthwhile with my life. Don't you want to fulfill all your dreams? Isnt it great that when we grow old, we would look back and have a smile in our faces knowing that we lived a full and happy one? Isn't that the greatest? And I want to be just like that. I want to grow old and not have regrets because of things left undone, because of opportunities not grabbed. I dont want to dwell on what-ifs and what-could-have-beens. Why not try and conquer the world?

Presenting, my bucket list.

Lets start with the simpler things.
1.  Learn how to swim and swim confidently. I had a swimming class when I was in college. But I still cant do it right. When the water is deep, I cant swim na. Sad talaga, mommies. Kaawa-awa lang ang peg ko.
2. Fly a kite. Hindi siya uso sa lugar namin when i was a kid.Hehe
3. Learn how to ride a bike. Parang ang sad lang ng childhood ko.
4. Go fishing.

Now, lets go to the bigger ones.
5. Visit South Korea. Its culture is just so colorful.
6. See the Eiffel Tower and drink coffee in Paris. Oh diba, ambisyosa lang ang peg!
7. See the cherry blossoms in Japan.
8. Climb the Statue of Liberty and go shopping in New York! Wohooo!
9. See all of Italy and ride the gondola.
10.See and explore my own country. Im starting to do this but I got a long way to go. We got 7,107 island you know. That's not easy to explore. :)
11. Go on a shopping spree without looking at price tags!
12.Own a beach house.

Lets be adventurous naman!
13. Ride the zorb ball! I should have done this when we went to Dahilayan Adventure Park. Hahay, regrets!    Ito na nga ba ang sabi ko. I should have done it when I had the chance.
14.Run a marathon. Yes, thats an adventure na for me.
15. Go water rafting! Yes, its a crime for someone from Cagayan de Oro and not go white water rafting. Stone me! Haha
16. Bungee Jump! Do we have it here in the Philippines?
17.Learn how to scuba dive.

And for self-improvement:
18. Finish my Masters Degree. Soon! (Crossing fingers)
19.Learn time management.
20.Write a novel. 
21. Meet Bo Sanchez.
22. Learn to forgive and forget. This is so hard!
23.Enroll in a yoga class.
24.Volunteer in a charity.

For my family life:
25. Have a baby boy.
26. Play with my grandchildren
27. Retire at 50 years old, at most.
28.Pass a family heirloom to Zay and the baby boy.
29.Celebrate my golden wedding anniversary. 
30. Grow old with hubby.

Wew! That was long! I look at my list and I have a tight feeling in my stomach. It looks like a very hard list to achieve. But, I got a lot of years to fulfill all these(cross fingers!) After all, its lists like this that makes life a little more exciting, dont you think?

Do you have a bucket list? Can I take a peek?


Saturday, May 25, 2013

What I Watch: Zombies and Everything Creepy

Sometimes I wonder if something's wrong with me. Is this a birth defect or am I just born weird?
You see, I'm not your typical girl when it comes to movies and TV shows. While my friends are going cray cray over The Vampire Diaries and Twilight, I was watching CSI and Riddick. My girlfriends loved Pretty Little Liars and I swear (cross my heart, hope to die. LOL! 90s kid talaga.), I tried watching the first season. But I just couldnt get my mind to stick to it. Yes, it got suspense but darned it, it got too much sweetness its sickening!

I'm not passing judgment to those who love these shows. To each his own naman tayo, di ba? Most girls loved those shows and I must admit, these series have elements that really captivates the audience. There was also a period that I love these light and charming shows like My so-called Life, Dawson's Creek, and Felicity.

Taste really does change. As I grew older, I got over my saccharine obsessions ( in shows, not in food, unfortunately. hehe!)  Its just that, well, as I got older, I got morbid, I guess. My taste borders into the macabre, the gruesome, the gross and the horrible.

Want to see the evidence? These are the TV shows I love.

He was the reason I watched PB, this guy.
Cant wait for the new season!

The new series, Hannibal

I still do some chick flicks once in a while and I still cry over mushy movies (watched JLC and Sarah G. Stone me now.Hehe!).I even watched Korean series recently. Have you heard of Reply 1997 and Flower Boy Next Door?Yes, dont worry. I'm still in touch with my girly side. But the advantage of my current TV obsessions is that my hubby shares my love for the creepy. We don't fight over the remote control. We agree on what movie to watch. We get excited when a new episode is up. My hubby must think I'm one of the boys. :)

What TV shows do you watch?


Ready for School!

Its less than a month before the new school year starts. That means summer is over, rainy season is a week from now (according to PAGASA) and my vacation ( a teacher here) is coming to a close. I'm actually excited for the school year to start! With all the lounging around I did all summer, I got fed up with all the free time in my hands. I wanna be busy and productive again. The fire and the passion to teach has been renewed in me. Bring it on!

Not only that. The other reason I'm raring to go is that my baby girl will be in grade one na! When it comes to our kids, time really flies fast! One day, Zay was just starting to walk. Now, she's entering grade school! And I am as excited as any mom. So thrilled that this early (actually, 2 weeks ago), everything is ready for her first day in school.
Zay's school supplies all from Gaisano Mall

The books,covered and labeled with her name.
Yes, the school has distributed the books before the school year began.
And we started studying na. :)

Disney lunch box and umbrella.
Black shoes from Payless.

Not pictured is her trolley bag back from last year. It is still good and looks like new so I didnt bought a new one. Cost cutting because the tuition fee is quite expensive.

O di ba? Ready to go na ang aking little girl! All these for a little more than Php2k only. Not bad,right?

Mommies, are your kids ready and excited for school, too?


Sunday, May 19, 2013

I Love Me!

After all the self deprecation here, I decided to write the good things I like about myself. Even if I'm not perfect and I can use a make over or rather, an overhaul, I still want to think that I have a few things I can be proud of about myself.

I love...

1. Deeply and unconditionally. I love Zay and hubby so much it scares me.
2. My hands. Thick and calloused they may be, but it has served more than its purpose.

3. My mind that may seem critical but is reasonable and quick.

4. My legs with all its scars.

5. My eyelashes that doesn't need a curler.

6. That I cry at sappy movies because it shows that I'm human.

7. That I laugh easily even at the corniest jokes because it shows that I still see the funny side of the world.

8. The scar in my tummy because it reminds me of the beautiful girl that is my daughter. I still get amazed of this beautiful creature, every single day.

9. My smile. It doesnt cost a thing.

10. This marriage that is still strong after 12 years.

Most of all, I love that I'm still alive and well. The world may have gone to the dogs but I'm still one lucky b*tch!

                                                              Photos not mine



Things I Love: Rain

I love the rain...

....for the cool air it brings.

 for having a reason to cuddle...

...while drinking a cup of coffee,or two.

....and watching TV, without a care in the world.

And simply having  the best time of my life.

How do you spend a rainy day?



Photo credits: Its Google's, not mine.

I Wish I Dont Care

I came across this great blog and thought how similar we are. 
You see, she was also apprehensive of showing herself out there. That is so me.
She sees a lot of things going wrong with her body. Same here. 

Can you blame the likes of us? We have been bullied shamelessly almost all our lives that we tend to believe what they have to say about our body, whether they are true or not. We got bombarded by the media of the normal  traits a woman MUST have that we tend to over analyze ourselves and see a less-worthy person lurking in this body. 

Maybe that is why I have the tendency to conceal myself behind a protective shield (usually my daughter) to block myself from possible criticisms and snide comments. They may not mean any harm but still, they can cause a tiny sting behind my eyes. 

Hiding behind Zay. Cant you tell by the hands?
With all the talks about body love going on around nowadays, I should be more forgiving to myself knowing that I'm  "more than just a number in the scale" and that I am " imperfect,flawed but beautiful." But I got a long way to go.I am my own worst critic. The whole lifetime of disapproval has somehow impaired my self confidence.

I have been hungry for the last 15 years of my life of being in this or that diet. You'd think I should be thinner by now but no, I'm still bulky and big with a few helpings of cellulite and stretch marks. I'm trying to accept the fact that this is the best version of me. But it still is a long hurdle I need to conquer. 

So, in the spirit of keeping it real, this is the real me.
1. My skin is dark and the tone is uneven. 
2. I get zits and my skin is not clear. Yes, at my age, i still get it.
3. I need to end my love affair with rice and pork and chocolates and anything fatty or sweet.
4. I can get lazy and dont exercise as often as needed. 
5. I worry too much that it robs me some precious snooze time.
6.I have a huge mommy tummy and my arms are humongous!
7. I slouch.
8. Ever wonder how its like not to diet? I do.
9. My hubby doesn't criticize me but I sometimes wonder. Does he think of me any less because of this body? Does he wish I'm thinner?
10. My family comes above anything or anyone, including myself.
11. I dont take selfies. What for?
11. And that group photo with the gang? I deleted it. I got double chin.



Saturday, May 18, 2013

Kids and Books

Anyone who knew me would attest that I always have my nose buried in a book. A book lover here, certified. When bored, I would read anything, kahit dyaryong pambalot ng tinapa. I read from ebooks to the good ol' hardbound to paperbacks. Chick lit? Self help? Fiction? Crime? Check,check,check! My friend even said for me not to bring books on our girl dates. Yes, Im notorious like that.

 I want Zay to love books, too. I want her to experience the magic that books bring, the worlds it brought to life in those yellowed pages. She likes looking at the colorful story books and to explore those interactive books that are the rage nowadays. But when I let her read on her own, she gets frustrated with unfamiliar words and wants to stop reading altogether. I can see she has no patience in reading, especially if the story is quite lengthy. It frustrates me! I pictured the both of us reading books together and sharing insights on what we have read. But I couldnt see it now! I dont see in her the love towards books that her mommy feels. That frenzied joy in turning those pages in anticipation of a wondrous turn of events. No, nothing like that.

 I shouldnt raise the expectation bar so high this early. My Zay is just 6. When I was six, I dont remember going gaga over books. All I wanted to do in those days was play. I only started my love affair with books when I was 10 or 11. But you know naman mga mommies, we want our kids to be the best in everything and be ahead of all their peers. I myself would like to brag that my kid is this good in doing that thing. Hahay, stage mommy nga naman!

I know, I shouldnt pressure Zay. I should know, being a teacher and all.

Note to self: Tigil tigilan na ang pagka praning! Dont be such a hyper mom and just chill! I know, my kid will turn out okay. :)

How about you mommies? How do you get your kids to love books?



On friendship

When I was younger (read high school age), my world revolved around my friends. Sure, I got crushes and I succumbed to fangirling of my days ( boyband era,yikes!) but my friends were the ones who were always by me. I didn’t have a boyfriend. Aside from the fact that dad would have killed me, I was shy and a late bloomer, making me not a girlfriend material. That’s why every single minute was spent with friends.

My friends and I would go to school together since our house was on our way. We would chitchat before classes. We would talk even while the classes were going on. LOL! At the end of the day, we were still inseparable! We’d study together,gossip some more and go to church together before going home. This was all before the technology boom so no cellphones or internet yet. Just plain old talk between friends. Closeness to the highest level talaga!

photo credit: google

My point is, it’s different now. We don’t see each other as often. We don’t even text or call or tweet regularly. This is a mortal sin considering all the technology at hand nowadays. But that’s the sad truth.  I’m guilty, too, of not keeping in touch more often. Yes, we are all busy dealing with life. Yes, we have families, jobs, partners and kids that get in the way of friendship. But it just makes me sad. We all lived in the same city yet we don’t see each other for months! Isn’t it just so sad?

Yesterday I saw my close friend K at the opening of Rustan’s at Centrio. We bumped into each other amidst the massive crowd who were busy shopping. I broke into a huge grin upon seeing her. I haven’t seen her in month and I heard that she was sick. I hugged her and excitedly asked what happened.

I asked, How was you?  Ok lang.
Are you ok? Ok lang
What’s up? What happened (referring to her illness)? Long story.
Did you receive my texts? No, my phone is off sometimes.

And we parted ways. It left a bitter taste in my mouth. The conversation was flat, not something between close friends. Definitely not a conversation between two people who used to share everything, from secrets to dreams to heartaches. It felt forced and dry and rushed. Maybe because she was with her boyfriend.  Maybe because she was rushing back to work. Or maybe because we were in an awkward setting, a crowded supermarket, no less. I want to think that it’s because of all of these factors for I don’t want to admit that we were growing apart. Its sad when things you thought would last forever comes to an end. I don’t want things to change between us because I don’t want to end the friendship that has withstood the test of time.  I don’t wanna lose what we once had. Not now, not ever.


Friday, May 17, 2013

My style #3: Bohol Escapade

One hot summer day, we explored Bohol. I would have wanted to stay for at least 2 days so we could go swimming and dolphin watching but no, we all did it in a day. The day tour started at about 8am and ended at 4pm because need to be at the Bohol port for the travel back to Cebu at 6 o'clock.

It was quite "bitin" but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

When we arrived at 8am, we went to Island City Mall for breakfast. We had it "to go" and ate on the way to save time. We also did some pasalubong shopping first. After a while, we were on our way. Here is our itinerary. View some pix here.

1. Blood Compact Commemorative Site
2. Baclayon Church
3. Paradise Python
4.Butterfly Sanctuary
5.Loboc River
6.Hanging Bridge
7.Ship House
8. Chocolate Hills
9. Manmade Forest
10.Sagbayan Peak

Wew! That was a lot of places we covered. Exhausting but fun.

And this is what I wore.

Top: Brandless
shorts: Thrifted
flip flops: havaianas
sachel: my sister's

And I love that saying by my side.



Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Zay's happy place: Worlds of Fun Or Any Amusement Park

Zay: Ma, let's go to the mall.
Me: Why?
Zay: Sakay sakay ko sa Worlds of Fun.( I will go to the rides at Worlds of Fun)
Me: (sigh) Dont you get tired of all those rides? Its so nakakasawa na!

That's our usual dialogue on our way to the mall. Zay just loves those rides! I guess all kids do. She cant get enough of it. Even when she was little, when the other kids her age would wail in fear, she would be bouncing happily. When we went to Cebu, rides were all she wanted. My sister-in-law in Cebu introduced to us this mall (J Mall in Mandaue) that offers unlimited rides and games for one hour at only Php95! It was a sweet deal! Zay and her cousins had a lot of fun. Sulit talaga!
Outside J Mall, just before the fun began
When we went to SM City, she asked to ride this train that goes around the mall. Hubby also rode the skater thingie with her.

Choo choo train

At Limketkai Mall

Fantasyland, Dapitan City

CDO Carnival during Kagayhan Festival

with doding daga.LOL!

This kid can live in Enchanted Kingdom or Disneyland! Well, me too!



My happy place: Daiso

Hi guys!
Everybody's asleep. And the nocturnal me is up and about. This needs to change fast because summer vacation is almost over.

One of the best things about being a teacher is having a couple of months rest and still receive the usual salary. Isnt it amazing? But summer is about to end. Another school year is almost here! That's why I enrolled Zay  in her new school today.

You see, Zay will be in Grade 1 this June and she will be studying at Sacred Heart Academy. We woke up early but arrived at school at 10am because Zay took a long time to finish breakfast. This will be a big problem when school starts.

Anyway, when we arrived, she immediately took the entrance exam. I was quite  the proud mama when she got 39 out of 40 items. She only got one wrong answer because she didnt know the Filipino word for chair( its silya, by the way). The teacher also said that Zay can read well. I got the biggest smile in my face the whole time we were talking. :)

After paying for her tuition and completing the enrollment procedure, Zay asked for us to go to the mall.Who am I to say no? We both love lakwatsa,you know.

Off we went to Gaisano mall. Zay had an ice cream and then, I dragged her to my happy place. Daiso! Yes, I love Daiso for several reasons. They offer really affordable items. From kitchen wares to novelty items, you can buy them for less than a hundred bucks! Most items are from Japan and USA and are really great. I got most of the things at home from this japan store. I can totally live there!
What cha gonna buy?

Daiso is Love!
pots and pans and more!

I didnt buy anything from Daiso today because the budget is for Zay's school supplies. But I'll be back tomorrow for that sauce pan and salt shaker and organizers and juicer and mugs and ..... Well, my list is endless.

What's your happy place?


Travelogue: Bohol

Day 1:  Cebu

Day 2: Bohol

Our day started out sooo early. The night owl in me was protesting like crazy! We were up by 4am because we need to board a ferry at 6am bound for Bohol. Yes! We were going to Bohol!  I could catch up on sleep later.

Aboard Ocean Jet Fast Ferry

At last, Zay's awake!

Bohol, from a distance

Yes, I have arrived!

We love it! The smiles says it all.

The compulsory family shot

At Baclayon Church. It was amazing! I love old structures!

H with the giant python.....

at the Flying Colors Butterfly Sanctuary

Hanging bridge? No sweat!

Buhaghag hair at the Chocolate Hills

The kid and the kid-at-heart

Cinderella's castle.....

at Sagbayan Peak

Too bad, I didnt have a decent photo of a tarsier. The weather was cloudy and camera flash was not allowed because it stresses the hell out of those animals. Maybe next time...

We toured Bohol for a day. A big thank you to our tour guide, B. As I said, pwede na magtayo ng travel agency si Maam B.

I loved the place. Nature is untouched. Tagbilaran is clean and not too industriailzed. There are a lot of things to see. We just didnt had the time to go to Panglao and enjoy the beach. Well, there's always a next time. And I'm definitely coming back!

How about you? Had a great summer?


Travelogue: Cebu

My dream? To travel. If only I can afford to stop working and still have lots of money to finance this rather expensive hobby, I would travel the world. My bestfriend R and I even want to go backpacking around Asia. We were inspired by these 2 friends we read that quit their day jobs and went backpacking for a couple of years with only a few thousand pesos in their wallets. We wanted to do that. We are just an adventurous pair (in our past life :) Personally, I wanted to carry that big bag on my back, wear my shorts and eat exotic food of Malaysia or Cambodia. Well, maybe not eat exotic food but all the other things, even  trek for hours in some unknown trail, I would do willingly. Yes, I wont complain. I wont nag. I would just travel and explore and experience. But its a long shot. I just cant afford it.Plus I have a family now to consider. I just cant pack up and leave at the snap of the fingers. But a lady can dream, cant I? And since I might not be going abroad in the near future, why not explore the Philippines first?

Just last week, together with my hubby, my baby girl Zay and some of my co-teachers and their families, I went to Cebu and Bohol. This is a very special trip because this is a trip of "firsts".
 Its my family's first time to travel together. Hubby and I went to trips in the past but this was the first time Zay was coming with us. I was so excited to show her new places!
This is also the first time I'll be travelling with my friends S and N. Their son and daughters were going with us.  These are the kids' first time to travel, too. Isnt it exciting?
This is an unplanned adventure which added to the thrill. We decided to go on this trip only last April. My co-teacher M booked the flight for us. She was kind enough to handle all the details. Thanks M!

Well, I will let the pictures do the talking. Brace yourselves for some photo bomb!

Flight delayed but we were too excited to care. Smile pa rin.

Zay, praying during her first plane ride. "Its scary, mom!"

The Hubby

La Familia

The adventurous bunch. This was taken at the Lapu lapu shrine at Mactan,Cebu at high noon. Too hot! 

At Fort San Pedro, Cebu City

Pedro Calungsod (First Filipino Saint) Shrine
Magellan's Cross. At the back are some Koreans tourists. Zay was amazed with them. She  was listening to them talk and said," Ma, we will go to Korea someday." Sure Zay, we will surely go. LOL!

I have been to these places 3 years ago but I found that it was better the second time around. I dont know. Maybe because this time, I went there with the best travel companions I could ever ask for.