Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words, Maybe More

Did it ever happened to you when you got a lot of things to say, when you felt like you  have a lot to share,  yet, you couldn't seem to find the words? When things seemed to be bubbling inside of you, wanting an outlet to steam out, longing for a sympathetic ear ( or a compassionate reader in this case) and  you couldn't seem to know where to begin?  That is exactly what I feel sometimes. I felt like I have a lot of stories to tell but I couldn't grasp the feeling I need to express the exact emotion I wanted to convey. Speechless talker. How ironic.

 Sometimes, words fail me.Sometimes, I feel like words aren't enough.

Am I making sense? I know I dont.  I just couldn't get my tumultuous message across sometimes. ;)

And when words fail me, I resort to pictures. Pictures may tell a one-sided story but that one -sided story is true. Its honest. And it tells the story without me uttering so much as a speech.

And here is one of my all-time favorite pictures.
 I don't have to say a lot.
 Just two words.
 My life.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

#Yolanda: A Little Help Goes a Long Way

There is nothing more depressing a sight as what is Tacloban and the rest of the Visayas is now. After super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) wreaked everything in its path including lives, our country has been in a state of emergency. Needs such as food, water and medicine are immense but scarce. You probably have stone for a heart if you saw the news on TV and wouldn't feel any compassion for the victims.

Yesterday, we talked in the class about what we saw on TV, about the survivors who needed food, about the children who needed help, about the people who died during the storm surge and about what we can do to help. I asked my pupils to pray for the survivors and those who perished. I also asked them to bring whatever they want to give to those who are in desperate need.

Today, they brought with them packets of noodles, canned goods, biscuits, used clothing, even toothbrushes and toothpastes. The school will collect all these donations, give it to an organization who will then ship all these to the Visayas region. My kids aren't rich yet they didn't think twice and gave what little they had.

What they gave were not a lot but its from the kids' pure hearts 

Priceless smiles

A coin bank also went around the classrooms for kids to put some coins into. It is still for the victims of the typhoon. As the kids lined up and dropped coins in the can, I noticed a girl who gave a 10-peso coin. I asked her if she still have some money to buy her snacks later.
She said, " No, that is all I have. But its okay,Teacher, I will just eat when I get home. "
Such pure hearts.

God Bless Tacloban. God Bless The Philippines.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Travelogue: Family Day at Dahilayan Adventure Park

I miss going to other places and travelling with my loved ones. We haven't been adventurous lately.  Work,home. Repeat 200x. That has been our routine for the past months.The trip to the grocery store every weekend breaks that routine. Once a month, we would visit my mom and the one-hour ride to her home is the closest thing we have  for a vacation.

Around this time last year, was a different story. Zay's kindergarten class went to Dahilayan Adventure and Forest Park. It was a fun day filled with adventures, new experiences and just hanging out with my family. Let me reminisce a bit with these pictures.

It has a picnic ground full of statues of different animals. We had fun taking pictures. 

The Lola and the Apo

My mom, Zay and I

Bungee Bounce
And we tried the Asia's longest dual zipline. As their website said, you should try this and  feel  like Superman. Even my girl was brave enough and conquered her fear of heights. She did the mid-zip (320 meters) and the 150-meter zip. I was so proud of her. All 3 zips including the 840 m Asia's longest cost Php600.

And here is the obligatory family shot!

Dahilayan Adventure Park is in Bukidnon, just an hour and a half ride from Cagayan de Oro City. They have lots of other amenities like the zorbit ( zorb ball adventure), forest luge, ATV and buggy trail adventure. But I found that I also miss those little things that I love about the place. I love the foggy and cool environment, the lush greens, the sweet corn and the fresh strawberries sold just outside the park.

We sure did had a great time! One for the books. Do drop by there if ever you get to visit this part of the world. :)


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tinkerbell and the Halloween Fun

On a cold, chilly afternoon, in a faraway land, witches,devils, monsters,villains and other unknown entities abound. Fairies, princesses, kings and queens flocked too. Superheroes stopped saving the world for a few hours to attend the Halloween Fun!

Kids joined the event one Sunday morning, in a popular mall here in our city.

My girl, Zay, together with my sisters arrived early at the venue.(I was late for the event because I had to go to my graduate school. Big thanks to my 3 sisters who prepared Zay for the event. The mom was a little busy. I owe you guys, big time!) They had lunch at the mall and then immediately registered for the event. Zay was the 30th kid out of more than a thousand. Excited much lang? :)

At around 3pm, the fun began. Jollibee prepared a lot of games and surprises. The kids had some dance presentations too, much to the delight of the proud parents. They also gave awards to the top 10 most unique costumes. I really loved the different costumes they had. Really creative!  Wanna take a look?
Take a look at the yellow ribbon in his glasses

The minion and shy Tinkerbell
The white lady ( cue in scary music)
She went trick or treating around the mall, after the party. The kids went from store to store for some treats. She didn't want to stop! Zay had a full pumpkin afterwards.  :) 
Treats from a jewelry store 

Remember I told you that she is scared of those terrifying costumes last year? Not anymore! 
In fact, she said, " I want to be a witch next year, mom. Or maybe a zombie!" 
Uh oh! I really need to get my creative juices flowing to come up with something unique. 

The atrium overflowed with fairies and princesses. Tinkerbell is one of the popular choices. But for me, she's my prettiest and my one and only Tinkerbell. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hello November!!!

I miss you!!!
I haven't logged in here for what seemed like forever! I don't have an excuse except that I am on a holiday. School here in the Philippines is on a semestral break. Although teachers have to report to school and attend seminars, it still was a welcome break from the chaos called my classroom.
So, what have I been up to? A lot,to say the least.

I had my thesis proposal defense, not the last one but at least I have one down. It went well, by the way. :)

Then , my girl had her first Halloween party. She went trick or treating,too. She had so much fun! I owe you guys a post about that.

I also exercised my right to vote. I'm glad the barangay election here in our place was a peaceful one.

Then there was All Souls Day, a special day for Filipinos to visit loved ones who have passed away. Its a big deal for us. A reunion of our big family was inevitable. It was sooo noisy and chaotic. And yes, it was fun!

Lastly, our christmas tree is up! Excited for the holidays or what?:-D

So here are a few snapshots of the month that was.

Yes, I had a great month. Here's hoping you did, too.

The starfishes we found during a beach outing we had

Can you see the rainbow?

Silver-themed christmas tree at mom's 

Tinkerbell and her minion

Let's vote in!

Thanks to my awesome sister, J, for the photos.:-)