Friday, January 31, 2014

Zay at 7

Months before my girl's big day, I had big plans. We wanted to throw a fun pool party for our little girl. I listed down great ideas for a pretty candy and dessert buffet, some awesome party giveaways, a delicious cupcake tower and lots and lots of water fun.

Her birthday this year fell on a Saturday so we thought it fits perfectly in everyone's schedule. So we thought. What we didnt expect were the things that happened leading to her big day.

On Tuesday morning that week, she was throwing up and pooping like crazy. At 11:00 am, I called hubby and we brought her to the hospital where she was treated of acute gastroentiritis for 3 days. It was an ordeal all mothers knew too well. Thank God she recovered fast enough. We were discharged the day before her birthday.

Poof! There goes our birthday plans. I was so sad. What could I do in less than 24 hours to make her day special? Add to it the fact that Typhoon "Agaton" has visited the country as if we havent had enough typhoon already. :-(

But I couldnt let my girl's 7th go by without even a cake so at 4pm, amids the heavy rains, we went and bought stuff for the party.

She was a little weak hours before the party but when her friends arrived, she had on a great smile. All my worries were blown out the window. She was happy and that was all that mattered.

So this is how much we spent for our simple birthday party

Cupcakes (50 pcs)- Php 450
Cake accessories- Php200++
Letter and number balloons- Php 13 each
Buntings- Php 68
Party hats-Php 89
Party poppers (3pcs.)- Php35 each
Groceries for the food - Php3000+++

And the food:
Pasta carbonara
Fried chicken
Grilled fish

All that fun for just under 5 thousand pesos( $100 more or less). That small amount for some priceless 7th birthday memories.

Cheers to a great, healthy year ahead for our big, little baby girl!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hey, Baby!

For the longest time, 7 years to be exact, my girl has been the only baby in the family. She is my mom's first and only grandchild. You can just imagine how she is being spoiled by her lola (grandma).  My mom would cook her anything she want, buy her anything she fancy and my mom would cry whenever we would go home. Whenever Zay thinks that I am too strict, she would run to her lola and paint me like the most evil villain of all. Even my sisters spoil her ,too. They would bring her surprises whenever they visit. The surprises to their only niece would be anything from candies to chocolates to books and toys, even cash. They would bring her to the mall, let her play all day in Dave's Funhouse, load up her game card for an unlimited playtime at Timezone, and accompany her to the cinemas to watch the latest animated movie. My sisters playfully call her The Bratinella but they love this bratinella to bits.

For the longest time, Zay is the only princess of the family. But now, I would like to announce to the whole kingdom that she has been dethrone. Yes, a new princess is born. Meet Nathalie.

Nathalie is my youngest sister's baby. Isn't she just adorable!? Everybody cant get enough of this cute little bundle of joy. And my girl was the most excited of all. She call her " my little sister". She is so proud and calls herself "Ate"( older sister).

I can see how excited and happy Zay is about the baby, and it made me think about having one of our own. Why not? Its about time. This house hasn't heard a baby's cry for too long. But while waiting to be blessed with one, we would enjoy this cute little baby girl and let Zay practice being the older sister she's always wanted to be.


Saturday, January 18, 2014

What's up,Yzabella?

What's Up! What's up!

Missed blogging like crazy. Really do. I have come to realize that despite being busy and swimming up to my neck with work, I still go back and write here. I thought a few status update on Facebook and some pictures to back it up were enough. Apparently, its not. I still miss typing away my thoughts, without inhibitions nor restrains. Well, maybe a little censorship here and there, but just the same, I missed blabbing away. I found that I cant do it in other social media where my "friends" and "followers" are my friends and acquaintances in real life. I sometimes have to edit and hold myself back, lest I be called pretentious and/or putting on airs. But in here, where only a few people from my circle knew about this blog, I feel that I can be myself. I can say whatever I feel, whatever I think, without the fear of being judged nor of being looked down. This is what's great about being anonymous. I am free!

So, what has my baby girl been up lately? Well, she has grown soo big and tall. I am afraid her Dad's gonna beat up some suitors soon.

Look at the legs! Future Miss Philippines, I think. :)
Zay and her Uncle PJ.

She has been loving the kitchen lately.

Zay got sick too.Poor baby! :(

Thank God she is all better now. :) 

Its been a cold, rainy week here in our city. How is it in your end?

Hugs and kisses!