Saturday, April 20, 2013


Nobody knows I have a blog.
Nobody knows I own this little corner in the blogosphere. Not my friends nor my sisters. Not even hubby. Yes, this is my one dirty  little secret.
Im not really sure why I kept this from my loved ones. I guess the topic just didnt came up. I dont wanna go like, " Hey guys, check out my blog" or something like that. Im just happy writing away here like this is my online diary of sorts. Im happy too that in this big social media-driven world where everybody knows everything about everyone, I got something I can call my own.
This is my freakin' space and Im not afraid to say what I freakin' want! (LOL) There. I was swearing my ass off and Im not afraid that my family would get offended by my foul mouth. Hahaha!
Seriously though, I dont have the intention (at the moment) of spilling the beans about this blog. I like the idea of having  a secret nobody else knows. Anyway, Im not after the number of views or the exposure. Im happy being this anonymous bitch here who says whatever she wants to say ( although i havent been ranting and raving about anything. All my posts has been kinda tame at the time of publication.)
So, if you got lost and with the stroke of fate, came across this blog, thank you for reading. Feel free to explore and be happy you dont know me. :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

my style #2: medals and ribbons

My baby girl is fast growing up!

We attended her moving up ceremony and i was teary-eyed. How time flies! Her dad and I had a lot of proud-parents moments.
And the stage mom was rocking her skinny jeans and sheer top.Mommy style still has to shine through,you know.

Look at all those medals and ribbons!

What I was wearing

top: sheer blouse 
jeans: Levis
sandals: thrifted  ( Dont yah love the stripes and that adorable pearls?I love that minty color,too.)
earrings: red and dangling from Mags

Yes, Im one proud mama.