Friday, October 25, 2013

Depotting My Lippies

This is what you will have when you have a curious little miss at home who loves to imitate everything you do.

All my lipsticks are broken, ruined and the tubes cracked. My lip gloss has its cap missing so it squirted out of the container and into my pouch. My eye shadow palette has craters in it and the colors have been mixed around. I cant find my Nichido eyeliner. Guess who is the culprit? My girl, Zay, who else? I caught her red-handed, more like red-lipped. Believe me, she applies make up like a pro. Perfect red lips, no mirror needed. I was shocked because she messed with my eyeliner and mascara without poking her eyes out. Oh my, I wouldn't be able forgive myself if ever she did.

You wouldn't be able to find a decent piece of make-up in my kit. That's why I haven't bought a single one in months except that Lots of Love lipstick (the one in the black tube pictured above) and look at its sad fate. I really have to find a make-up set that's made for little girls, ASAP!

In the meantime,  I have to salvage my lippies. The perfect thing to do is to depot them. I have read that its been done by make-up artists the world over to save on space. I found that its very easy to do,too. And the things I needed I can find in my kitchen except the small containers which I bought at the cosmetic department at the mall for Php21.

You will need:

your lipsticks
small container

Here's how I did it.

1. Scoop out the lipstick from its tube using toothpick. 
2. Place it in a spoon.
3. Melt the lipstick in the spoon using a candle. Mix it with a toothpick to melt the lumps.
4. Pour it into the container.

Voila! Lipsticks that look like new!

Now, I gotta find my eye liner. Its somewhere around this mess! :)


Monday, October 21, 2013

Excited for Halloween

Who's excited for Halloween? My girl sure is! This is gonna be the first time she will join a Halloween party. Last year, we couldn't even go to the mall days before Halloween because she would freak out with all the scary window displays around. Much more when I suggested to let her attend the party. She thought she would be going with Dracula and witches and monsters. Nothing would convince her otherwise. So we let her be, hoping that she was not traumatized by the celebration.

Who do you think was too eager to buy her costume and dragged me to the mall last Sunday? Who else but the girl whose wail would break glasses at the sight of those scary masks.That girl who threw tantrums whenever we pass by a mannequin wearing a witch hat. Yes, that girl has changed her mind and was the one too excited to join the fun. She outgrew the fear, proving that my paranoia has no basis whatsoever. And so, we are going to a Halloween partey!

She will be Tinkerbell for a day. Did I say she was sooo excited? 

The Jollibee kids club registration is Php50 ($1).
The ticket to the event costs Php100 ( a little over $2). That includes a snack and a loot bag.
Her green Tinkerbell skirt, wings, headdress and wand all cost Php160 ($4).
The fun she will be having and the memories she will treasure forever, PRICELESS. (Tunog commercial ah. LOL!)

 Where will you spend Halloween? 


Thursday, October 17, 2013

K's Kitchen: Mango Float

Everyone in our family loves dessert. We love sweets, may it be cake,ice cream or just plain old banana-que.  One of our favorite is the mango float. Aside from the fact that its super delicious, it is also sooo easy to make. No oven needed. No cooking necessary. Just layer it up, freeze and boom! Amazing dessert!

I also love making this because it only needs 4 ingredients. Yep, 4, even 3 if you omit the crushed graham crackers. Inexpensive,too.

Last weekend, I made mango float. My sisters visited us at home and requested for some. I couldn't say no. A good excuse to have some for myself. :)

So, these are the ingredients...

1 kilogram ripe mangoes, sliced thinly
2 packs Graham crackers
2 cans Angel Kremdensada ( cream and condensed milk in one)
ground graham crackers 

And here is how to do it. 
1. In a rectangular dish, layer the Graham crackers at the bottom.
2. Pour the Kremdensada over the crackers. Spread.
3. Put the sliced mangoes over the cream mixture.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 until the dish is filled.
5. Sprinkle some crushed Grahams on top.
7. Freeze for at least 6 hours or overnight to set.
8. Slice, serve and enjoy!

Note: You can also mix 1 part all-purpose cream and 1 part condensed milk if you dont have Kremdensada in your pantry. Personally, I used Angel Kremdensada because its convenient since I dont have to make my own cream-milk mixture. It also translate to less mess to clean up in the kitchen afterwards. :)
Also, you can use other fruits in season. Some even make use of canned fruits. Its really up to you.

It was a hit! My girl has been eating it the whole day. My sister who has gestational diabetes even had a teeny weeny slice. No worries because I used Angel Kremdensada, so it was not overwhelmingly sweet. Just the right sweetness to tease the buds.

Try it, gorgeous ladies. Let me know if you love it,too. In the meantime, Im gonna have that one last slice before it gets devoured by the mango float monster named Zay.:)

Tara, let's eat! :)

Bohol: Then and Now

Mood: Sad

The damages of the earthquake that hit the country (particularly the Visayas Region) last Tuesday makes me so sad. It is devastating! Bohol and Cebu are two of the places close to my heart. It was our favorite place to visit. My family and friends also had a great time last summer there. It was an amazing trip, the first one I had with my friends S and N. But the recent events have devastated and ruined the modern structures of Cebu and the heritage churches of Bohol. :(

Last summer at the Baclayon Church, Bohol.

This is the 500-year old church now, after Tuesday's magnitude 7.2 earthquake.

This was hubby at the top of the Chocolate Hills, Carmen, Bohol

This is the hilltop viewing deck, now.
But I believe in the spirit of hope in all Filipinos. Boholanos can overcome all these and somehow see the light at the end of the seemingly endless tunnel.  Filipinos, this is a challenge for all of us. Let us hold hands and courageously march forward. Let's pray for Cebu and Bohol. I believe this is not the end. This is not the part of the story wherein the hero crumbles and raises the flag.  

After all , we still have hope and our faith and each other.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Private Sales, Sexy Chefs and Other Events

I opened my mail today. And saw these invites.

 I would love to experience going to a private sale. Ang sosyal siguro non noh. Kahit di ko afford ang mga tinda, I would still love to look around and windowshop.Libre ang mangarap. :)

 Next up is the Good Food Press Lunch! I wanna meet Erwan Heussaff of The Fat Kid Inside
 Aside from the fact that this boyfie of Anne Curtis is such a hottie, I love guys who can cook ( Hi, hubby!)
Is it just me or is there something sexy in guys sporting an apron with a ladle in one hand?

Erwan will be there together with other celebrities who will cook their favorite brown rice recipes. Wouldn't it be fun?I'm pretty sure it will be. 

All these events and all those others I read about in other blogs sound really fun. 
 But I will not be there. I live down south, way too far. Malayo ako sa kabihasnan. LOL!
I wish we also have such events here.

Maybe, someday. :)


Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Teacher's Day!

October 5 is World Teacher's Day! A day of showing our appreciation to our beloved teachers. We do appreciate our teachers everyday. I do feel my pupils are grateful of my effort, every single day. But a special day just for us is indeed something I really look forward to. Its on days like these that I feel like I have chosen the best profession in the world.

Imagine a quiet, lonely girl at the back of the class, her head always buried in a book.
She was living in a world all her own, complete with beaches and prince charmings in white horses. She could easily be that girl you dont notice, the girl whose very existence was more or less nothing to write home about. She and her curly hair was the subject of much teasing, which made her realize that a world inside the pages of an old musky book is so much better than a high school classroom.
That was why when her English teacher, Ms. D called her to her office and out of the blue, asked her to join the school paper, I was flabbergasted. I mean, she, this girl I was telling you about. Oh heck, all right, this girl was me. I might as well be honest and reveal all the skeletons in my closet.

The invitation came out of the blue and I was so surprised. I was never active in school organizations, being the introvert that I was. Still am. Org meetings and team building parties? Not for me, sorry. But Ms. D, she was persistent. She wasn't taking no for an answer so I reluctantly agreed. Besides, she was one of my favorite teachers and  I was too shy to disappoint her. She must have seen something in me because the next year, she made me the editor-in-chief. Who would have thought? Its usually the top in the class who gets that highly-coveted title. I was just in the lower end of the top 10, basically a nobody. But she showed me that she believed in me. She taught me to believe in myself.

The shy, silent girl sitting at the back of the class is forever thankful to the teacher who saw something in me I myself was too blind to see.  She has sown in me the love for writing and dreaming. I dreamed of becoming a journalist because of her. Although I have ended up in totally different field,  I still continue reading and writing and believing in myself, just as she told me to. Come to think of it, school papers and blogs like this have too much in common. Look how deep her influence in me was.

Thank you, Ms. D, for seeing a worthy woman behind the insecure girl in the corner. Thank you for looking at that student above and beyond her insecurities and for seeing a scared little girl who just needs a little coaxing and some loving words for her to come out of her shell. Thank you for believing in her, even if at times, she doubted herself. Thank you for opening up a whole new world to her and letting her see what more she can do, what more she can experience . I am forever grateful that you have unleashed that girl from the bondage of self-pity, setting her free from doubts and fears. Thank you for making her feel that she has done something, that she IS something. Thank you.Thank you.

How about you? Do you have a teacher who has changed your life?

Images from good old Google.:)