Saturday, May 18, 2013

Kids and Books

Anyone who knew me would attest that I always have my nose buried in a book. A book lover here, certified. When bored, I would read anything, kahit dyaryong pambalot ng tinapa. I read from ebooks to the good ol' hardbound to paperbacks. Chick lit? Self help? Fiction? Crime? Check,check,check! My friend even said for me not to bring books on our girl dates. Yes, Im notorious like that.

 I want Zay to love books, too. I want her to experience the magic that books bring, the worlds it brought to life in those yellowed pages. She likes looking at the colorful story books and to explore those interactive books that are the rage nowadays. But when I let her read on her own, she gets frustrated with unfamiliar words and wants to stop reading altogether. I can see she has no patience in reading, especially if the story is quite lengthy. It frustrates me! I pictured the both of us reading books together and sharing insights on what we have read. But I couldnt see it now! I dont see in her the love towards books that her mommy feels. That frenzied joy in turning those pages in anticipation of a wondrous turn of events. No, nothing like that.

 I shouldnt raise the expectation bar so high this early. My Zay is just 6. When I was six, I dont remember going gaga over books. All I wanted to do in those days was play. I only started my love affair with books when I was 10 or 11. But you know naman mga mommies, we want our kids to be the best in everything and be ahead of all their peers. I myself would like to brag that my kid is this good in doing that thing. Hahay, stage mommy nga naman!

I know, I shouldnt pressure Zay. I should know, being a teacher and all.

Note to self: Tigil tigilan na ang pagka praning! Dont be such a hyper mom and just chill! I know, my kid will turn out okay. :)

How about you mommies? How do you get your kids to love books?



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