Sunday, December 29, 2013


The year is coming to an end. Another year of my life has just begun. Yes, I am officially out of the calendar.

* insert drumroll here*

I am 32 years old!!!

Birthdays used to make me a little melancholic at best, downright depressed at worst. Almost always, some thing would come up on the very day that would dampen the spirit of celebration. Okay, I admit, I hate getting old. And birthdays, particularly mine, reminded me of me getting old and of me not getting anywhere. It reminded me of things I still couldn't call mine and of dreams out of my reach.

This year, when the big day finally rolled in, I was waiting for that familiar gloomy mood to set in. I was waiting for someone or something to rain on my parade. Surprisingly, it was perfect. Nothing made me sad. Nothing went wrong at my party. It was fun and I was wearing a big smile the whole night.

That night, as I thank God for all His blessings,  I realized that I am at the moment in my life where I am most contented.  I am in a place and time when I could say I am the happiest. I also realized ...

...that I dont need to have thousands of friends to be called friendly. I have lost some people along the way, people I would have loved to keep but was gone or chose to walk out of my life. It was sad. Like most, I hate goodbyes. Yet, the people that remained are the most special ones. The ones that I am sure are for keeps.

...that I can give up anything for my family. Absolutely anything. Nuff said.

... that I have learned to be contented. I used to be so restless, wanting to have everything, doing everything to have it all. Feeling bad if I don't get it and shutting myself away from the world. Now, I have come to accept the fact that I couldn't have it all. There are things and people that are just not meant for me. Surprisingly, I am happy with that.

... that shopping is NOT everything. I only realized this this holiday season. I have stopped splurging. I have stopped buying just anything that I fancy. I have learned that thing they call restrain Hi there,self-control! My credit card and my husband are sooo glad I dont have the tendency to go on the spending spree anymore. If anything is a sign of maturity, then this is it!

...that I am never too old to learn. And learning doesn't happen in the classroom alone. The lessons learned outside of it is a lot more important.

... that I am not too superficial anymore. I have learned to look beyond what the eyes could see. I have stopped being too vain and have come to realized that my beautiful soul will still shine through. I still strive to be healthier and prettier :). I still got to lose some pounds. But it is not the be-all and end-all of my existence.

...that I am never too old to dream. I still have a lot of dreams. Dream house, dream car, dream vacation with hubby, dreams for my little girl. I can go on and on.  Even if I will be 80, I would still dream and dream big.

...that my happiness is my choice. And I choose to be happy.

(Please forgive the selfies. I dont usually do this. Pagbigyan nyo na. :)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Images of Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!
May the New Year usher in more blessings to you and your family.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Rush 2013

Its 7 days to go before Christmas. At last, my Christmas shopping is almost done. Just a few more gifts for friends and relatives and I'm done for this year. I have spent 4 straight days at the mall, scouring all the shelves for the perfect yet affordable gifts. Oh, make that 5 because I'm going back tomorrow for another day of braving through the jungle mall.  I really don't mind looking around. What I really hate about the holiday rush is the long lines to the cashier. With a kid in tow who loves to do her own window-shopping, waiting in line while keeping an eye on Zay is a tough feat. I'm glad that after all the running around, I had it all wrapped up and piled under the tree. 
Santa came early
I bought some toys and dresses for the kiddo. And guess what, she has opened one gift already! She cant wait for Christmas to play with her make up set. Well, I let her do her thing. Santa came early and Zay celebrated early,too.

For hubby, I bought a pair of shoes which he liked too much that he used it immediately last Sunday to church. He didnt let me wrap it anymore. He gave me a peck on the cheek, said thanks and was off with a bounce on his feet. I was left smiling and shaking my head. :)
Happy with his stash from Bench
And what did I have for myself? Nothing. I couldnt think of anything I want. When I went around the mall, there were a lot of sale going on and I bought stuff for my mom, my sisters and other loved ones. I even bought stuff for the house. Yet, I couldn't choose anything for myself. My solution? I went online, browse through White N" Khaki's albums and voila! I bought an Aeropostale shirt for myself.  I am as happy as a kid on Christmas morning. It truly doesn't cost much to make me happy. :) 
Go on! Check them out. They have a lot of great items on sale. In fact, I am thinking of getting myself something else from their online shop. ;)

Its 7 days to go before Christmas! And in the spirit of being early, I am now wishing you and your family a Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

What I Read: Why We Broke Up

Friday night. After a busy,busy week, the last thing in my mind was to go out. I just don't have the energy anymore. My idea of a perfectly relaxing weekend is curling up in bed, coffee in one hand and a good book in the other. Good thing, my sister visited at home and recommended this book to me. She knew I am into young adult novels nowadays.

Thanks, Google! As always.

I wasted no time at all, downloaded it and was up til the break of dawn. Oh boy, were my eye bags gigantic the next morning or what!

Why We Broke Up is a novel by Daniel Handler. It is the story of a high school nerdy, arty girl named Min and the basketball jock Ed. The story takes the form of a letter with Min writing to Ed and explaining to him why they broke up. The letter came with a box full of mementos from their short-lived relationship. The box contain bottle caps, matchbox, a recipe book, a pennant and so much more.

What caught my attention in the first place was that this book is written very differently. Its not everyday that you get to read a long-winded letter from a heartbroken girl. It has a good premise. It really was an interesting read and its what got me.

Second, it reminded me of what I used to be. Hopelessly romantic, that is. Just like Min, I used to collect little,insignificant souvenirs.  In my own box, I got a tissue paper from a date, tickets to an amusement park, letters, pictures, just to name a few. I lost them a long time ago, though. Evidence of my growing up, I hope. :)

This is for anyone who has lived through a break-up.Yes, this novel will remind you of your first teenage heartbreak. This will remind you of your intoxicating young love. I know because it reminded me of mine.

What I don't like about it? Well, Min can be so annoying sometimes. She can be way too melodramatic. But I think it adds to her character. Ed was her first love, after all. And they are teenagers for God sake. That's almost a sure license to be self-absorb, to say the least.

The plot is cliche,too. Good girl meets bad boy. Not really a very bad,bad boy but just a little. :)
Good girl and bad boy fell in love. Bad boy breaks good girl's heart. Pretty predictable. The title summed it all up. They indeed broke up in the end.

Regardless of all these, I still like the book. It is still interesting. A  light read. A nice break from my staple Stephen King. And just like Min, I love movies and coffee. And I used to love bad boys ,too. Take note. Used to. :)

What have you been reading? I would love to know. I am currently at the bottom of the reading list. ;)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Hunger Games Fever Is On Again


Summer of 2012. School was out. I have 2 whole months to myself. Nothing much to do but take care of the hubby and the little lady. It was during this time that I got hooked with The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I was on the look out for a good read. I refused to even take another glance at another vampire novel. No way! I also stopped reading that mommy porn book ladies were crazy about. Until now, I refuse to voice out whatever kind of opinion  I might have with that book. I invoke my right to self-incrimination. Ha!Ha!

It was sheer strike of luck when I discovered The Hunger Games. And oh my, was I hooked at the neck! A few pages into it and I couldn't stop. I downloaded all three books and didn't breath until I finished them.

Imagine my glee when the first movie came out. Practically dragged my poor husband to the cinemas. Even bought a shirt online just to show my love for Katniss and Peeta.

And here comes the second installment to the film! Dragging my husband again, we watched Catching Fire in the middle of a workweek. Just cant wait for the weekend. I was too stressed out, hardly had any break and the movie was the perfect excuse to put my feet up, gorge on some popcorn and just have a great time. :)

Since I don't wanna be such a spoiler to those who haven't seen the movie, I wouldn't say much about the story line. One thing I love about it is The Hunger Games Fashion. I love JLaw's wardrobe. Her attire and Peeta's, too, during the parade was a stunner. She was just breath-taking in black.

And this "wedding dress" is to die for.

Even in a suit, JLaw is ah-ma-zing!!!

I am Team Peeta, by the way. I love him in the books. I love him in the movie. Although not your basic boy-next-door looker, Josh Hutcherson is one good actor.They actually look good together.  On-screen chemistry right there.

Catch the fire in theaters near you. And yeah, you can expect a 3rd and a 4th sequel.