Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Zay's happy place: Worlds of Fun Or Any Amusement Park

Zay: Ma, let's go to the mall.
Me: Why?
Zay: Sakay sakay ko sa Worlds of Fun.( I will go to the rides at Worlds of Fun)
Me: (sigh) Dont you get tired of all those rides? Its so nakakasawa na!

That's our usual dialogue on our way to the mall. Zay just loves those rides! I guess all kids do. She cant get enough of it. Even when she was little, when the other kids her age would wail in fear, she would be bouncing happily. When we went to Cebu, rides were all she wanted. My sister-in-law in Cebu introduced to us this mall (J Mall in Mandaue) that offers unlimited rides and games for one hour at only Php95! It was a sweet deal! Zay and her cousins had a lot of fun. Sulit talaga!
Outside J Mall, just before the fun began
When we went to SM City, she asked to ride this train that goes around the mall. Hubby also rode the skater thingie with her.

Choo choo train

At Limketkai Mall

Fantasyland, Dapitan City

CDO Carnival during Kagayhan Festival

with doding daga.LOL!

This kid can live in Enchanted Kingdom or Disneyland! Well, me too!



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