Friday, May 17, 2013

My style #3: Bohol Escapade

One hot summer day, we explored Bohol. I would have wanted to stay for at least 2 days so we could go swimming and dolphin watching but no, we all did it in a day. The day tour started at about 8am and ended at 4pm because need to be at the Bohol port for the travel back to Cebu at 6 o'clock.

It was quite "bitin" but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

When we arrived at 8am, we went to Island City Mall for breakfast. We had it "to go" and ate on the way to save time. We also did some pasalubong shopping first. After a while, we were on our way. Here is our itinerary. View some pix here.

1. Blood Compact Commemorative Site
2. Baclayon Church
3. Paradise Python
4.Butterfly Sanctuary
5.Loboc River
6.Hanging Bridge
7.Ship House
8. Chocolate Hills
9. Manmade Forest
10.Sagbayan Peak

Wew! That was a lot of places we covered. Exhausting but fun.

And this is what I wore.

Top: Brandless
shorts: Thrifted
flip flops: havaianas
sachel: my sister's

And I love that saying by my side.



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