Monday, June 17, 2013

Love Notes and Other Cheesy Things

Mommies, are you a breakfast eater? Sadly, Im not. A cup of coffee is good enough for me. I'll just have a sandwich at 10am and Im good to go. But since my little one is going to school na, Ive got to be awake at an  unholy hour to prepare her meal.

On Zay's first day in school, I was a zombie as I prepared her lunch and snacks. As I said in my previous post,it was a struggle. But I made it! I am so proud of myself. clap!clap! clap! I prep her lunchbox with a little extra something.
snacks: Alaska choco milk, cookies, 2 sandwiches,water
lunch: rice, meatballs

Did you see that little note? Yes, I put that inside her lunchbox. Im just cheesy like that. :)
At lunch, we ate together. When she arrived at my classroom,she hugged me tight. She said that she saw my note, thanked and kissed me and sat on my lap the whole time. 

Next day, we were awake early too. As I was busy cooking in the kitchen, she was writing in the living room. I didnt mind it because its usual for her to be busy writing at any hour. Then, we went to school. At my school, when I was rummaging through my bag for something, I saw this sheet of paper inside. And what I saw was a note from Zay:

                                                I love you Ma!
                                                                    Zay (with 3 hearts after her name)

I was holding back tears of joy, the reason why I forgot to take a picture of that note. Yes, I have my hands full of a sweet,thoughtful, little girl.

Isnt it great to be a mom?
To all kid-less ladies out there, this is what you have been missing. :)


  1. Awww.. I was teary eyed with this.. Zay is sweet girl too, like Ivy.

    1. Sis I nominated you for liebster award check this out.

  2. Awww that's so sweet. I'm not sure if I'm too lazy but I let my kids eat the school's lunch. I'm up and out the door before they're even awake but I hope to put a stop to that when it's time for my little one to start pre-k. Looking forward to hearing more about you and Zay.

  3. Thank you so much! I visited your blog and I love it. I love it that you are telling it through your daughter's point of view. Great concept!


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