Monday, June 17, 2013

Her First Day in School

Hi mommies!

I know, this is a very late post. My girl's first day in school was last week pa. :) Busy-busyhan lang ang peg ko. LOL.

Anyways, let me tell you up front that Im a night owl. Like Im alive and kicking at night and would sleep at 2 or 3am, even on a work night. You may wonder at my crazy sleeping pattern. Well, its because my classes starts at 12 noon. Yes, mga mommies, uso yan sa public schools. Two classes are held in one classroom, one in the morning, another in the afternoon. The perennial problem of classroom shortage. Well, Im not going to rants about the shortcomings of our education system here. Im just explaining my crazy "night life". :)
So, yun na nga. I dont need to wake up early in the morning for work. Plus, when my girl is in kindergarten, she was with my mom. We dont have a yaya because of previous bad experiences thats why my mom was the one taking care of her. My mom slept with Zay and took her to school. O diba, ang gaan lang ng life ko dati. No hassle, kasi I know my Zay is in good hands.
Now, here comes the new school year.  Hubby and I decided that The Girl should be with us na. She is bigger na kasi. We think we can manage na even without a nanny. I want my mom to enjoy her retirement in peace, too.

Thats why I have to wake up early na. *insert drumroll here*
It was a struggle! My hubby was teasing me the whole morning. He knew how hard it was for me. I was half awake when I cooked breakfast. Making Zay eat her cereals was a battle too. She took a looong time to finish. *sigh*
But the day was memorable. Its her first day in grade school! She was so grown up as I watch her line up for the flag ceremony, introduced herself in class and made friends during recess time. She is a big girl now.I couldnt stop her from growing up. :( Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

The stage mom so excitedly asked her at the end of the day, " So, how was school?"
She answered, " Its okay." and shrugged off her hair like first day in school is not a big deal at all. :)


  1. Weew, I really understand, how you feel. I had the same feeling everytime, I am bringing Ivy to school.

  2. Hehe...although di pa officially in school ang toddler ko, I can really relate to you in terms of waking up early. Kasi I'm not really a morning person, so opposite with my mom. And she would always remind me about it.

    Your girl totally rocks, other would be anxious about school. I think she adjusts well. =)

    1. Ang hirap gumising ng maaga noh? But we will do everything for our kids,kahit mahirap.:)

  3. I miss the days when my sisters were still young. ngayon kasi halos mas malaki na sila sakin haha! But I still enjoy when they share things that they do at school.

    1. Thanks Ms. Sally! I love your blog. Sabi ko nga,fashion blogger ako, in my dreams.:)


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