Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Teacher's Day!

October 5 is World Teacher's Day! A day of showing our appreciation to our beloved teachers. We do appreciate our teachers everyday. I do feel my pupils are grateful of my effort, every single day. But a special day just for us is indeed something I really look forward to. Its on days like these that I feel like I have chosen the best profession in the world.

Imagine a quiet, lonely girl at the back of the class, her head always buried in a book.
She was living in a world all her own, complete with beaches and prince charmings in white horses. She could easily be that girl you dont notice, the girl whose very existence was more or less nothing to write home about. She and her curly hair was the subject of much teasing, which made her realize that a world inside the pages of an old musky book is so much better than a high school classroom.
That was why when her English teacher, Ms. D called her to her office and out of the blue, asked her to join the school paper, I was flabbergasted. I mean, she, this girl I was telling you about. Oh heck, all right, this girl was me. I might as well be honest and reveal all the skeletons in my closet.

The invitation came out of the blue and I was so surprised. I was never active in school organizations, being the introvert that I was. Still am. Org meetings and team building parties? Not for me, sorry. But Ms. D, she was persistent. She wasn't taking no for an answer so I reluctantly agreed. Besides, she was one of my favorite teachers and  I was too shy to disappoint her. She must have seen something in me because the next year, she made me the editor-in-chief. Who would have thought? Its usually the top in the class who gets that highly-coveted title. I was just in the lower end of the top 10, basically a nobody. But she showed me that she believed in me. She taught me to believe in myself.

The shy, silent girl sitting at the back of the class is forever thankful to the teacher who saw something in me I myself was too blind to see.  She has sown in me the love for writing and dreaming. I dreamed of becoming a journalist because of her. Although I have ended up in totally different field,  I still continue reading and writing and believing in myself, just as she told me to. Come to think of it, school papers and blogs like this have too much in common. Look how deep her influence in me was.

Thank you, Ms. D, for seeing a worthy woman behind the insecure girl in the corner. Thank you for looking at that student above and beyond her insecurities and for seeing a scared little girl who just needs a little coaxing and some loving words for her to come out of her shell. Thank you for believing in her, even if at times, she doubted herself. Thank you for opening up a whole new world to her and letting her see what more she can do, what more she can experience . I am forever grateful that you have unleashed that girl from the bondage of self-pity, setting her free from doubts and fears. Thank you for making her feel that she has done something, that she IS something. Thank you.Thank you.

How about you? Do you have a teacher who has changed your life?

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  1. Happy Teacher's day.. Teacher kristine ^_^

  2. Malapit sa puso ko ang mga guro. I love teachers because my mom is one. Happy Teacher's Day, sis!

  3. Truly teachers have great influence in shaping our lives, I also have some teachers that I really look up to. Thought I don't see them now, I don't think I will forget them and the things I have learned form them. Thanks to you Mommy K and all the great teachers in the world.

  4. Happy teacher's day to you and to all the wonderful teachers out there! :)



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