Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pinks and Silver

Life has been stressful but nothing a dose of retail therapy cant cure. A pair of amazing shoes is all it takes for me to be okay again.
Fioni Night from Payless. Original price: 1,250php. Paid 875php only!
This is the last available pair at a discounted price so I grabbed it na! And my baby girl didnt waste any time to try it, too.
Silver purse from Payless. Priced at 578php and got it for only 178.50php. Great find!
What's your latest find?



  1. Yey for sale finds! I also bought the same purse, will wear it for my cousin's wedding, apir!

  2. Know what, these are for my sister's wedding tomorrow. Apir! :)

  3. these are amazing finds kristine!:) that silver purse is really sulit haha!

  4. Those are a nice pair of shoes. You really got a great deal. I don't do much shopping for me but when I do I usually do it online and you can always find great deals there. :)


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