Thursday, May 2, 2013

it runs in the family

I am lucky to have 3 younger sisters. Yeah, my dad would have given up anything to have a son but no, they werent just lucky enough. As far as i knew, they tried for a boy but no such luck. Im sure they dont regret having such great daughters ( boastful much?)
When we were younger, we quarrel a lot. Mom would cry because we would act like apes and fight like wrestlers (cruel talaga? :) But as we grew older, we learned to tolerate each other and co-exist peacefully. Its nice having sisters i realized now. I wouldnt give it up for the world.And its because of the following reasons:

1. I got someone to share secrets. They tell me things too. Im just not sure if they tell everything.

2. I can borrow clothes and accessories from them. :)))

3. I have a baby sitter( or 3 baby sitters) on call. And they dont complain.

4. Yes, we do fight and all but it doesnt last. We would be friends again in no time.

5. Monetary problems?  Can i make utang?

6. Friends, sisters, adversary, frenemy,conscience, advisors  and more all rolled into one. Can i ask for more?

Mom and dad (up there↑)must be proud of her girls. I know I am.♥♥♥

Honey, 2nd sisterette
Me,  ignoring the cam coz Im too hungry nah.Lol

Jin, the RN nanny
Leslie,resident tutor
Dont you think we have something in common?
All goodlooking, ayt?lol!

Sisters date soon girls???



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