Sunday, May 12, 2013

happy mom's day!

Hi guys!

Its been quite a busy few weeks for familia O. What with the vacation to cebu and bohol (which i will blog about soon) and the elections. But i cant let the day pass without greeting every mother out there a Happy mother's day!

My relationship with my mom hasnt always been smooth sailing. We were close but here were times when i was younger that i resent her meddling with my affairs. Nothing major really, but to a teenager that I was, all things were big deal.

But when I got older, I realized the mistakes Ive done. How I wish I could  turn back time and take back everything I've so stupidly said. But after all that's said and done, I know my mom has all the best intentions.
Now i understand her more. Ako ang may tupak back in the day (hehehe!). When I became a mom myself I realized how hard it all was. Masyado lang akong affected ng teenage angst. I just didnt understand it all.

 To you mom, I love you soooo much. I couldnt pay back all the sacrifices you've done. Thanks for everything. I got so much to say but words fail me. Maybe because the things i wanna say are too close to my heart.




  1. Hi! Kristine! Thanks for visiting my blog.. Happy Mother's Day to You.. :)

  2. Thanks Miss Jan. Am following you. :)


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