I Love Me!

After all the self deprecation here, I decided to write the good things I like about myself. Even if I'm not perfect and I can use a make over or rather, an overhaul, I still want to think that I have a few things I can be proud of about myself.

I love...

1. Deeply and unconditionally. I love Zay and hubby so much it scares me.
2. My hands. Thick and calloused they may be, but it has served more than its purpose.

3. My mind that may seem critical but is reasonable and quick.

4. My legs with all its scars.

5. My eyelashes that doesn't need a curler.

6. That I cry at sappy movies because it shows that I'm human.

7. That I laugh easily even at the corniest jokes because it shows that I still see the funny side of the world.

8. The scar in my tummy because it reminds me of the beautiful girl that is my daughter. I still get amazed of this beautiful creature, every single day.

9. My smile. It doesnt cost a thing.

10. This marriage that is still strong after 12 years.

Most of all, I love that I'm still alive and well. The world may have gone to the dogs but I'm still one lucky b*tch!

                                                              Photos not mine




  1. parang kanta, ah...learning to love yourself , is the greatest love of all........

  2. Yes,we could use all the love we could get,including from ourselves.
    Thanks for dropping by,Ate! (Ate na agad. Tanggap na ang application eh). :)

  3. Great post! There's always something to love and be grateful for xx


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