K's Kitchen: Mango Float

Everyone in our family loves dessert. We love sweets, may it be cake,ice cream or just plain old banana-que.  One of our favorite is the mango float. Aside from the fact that its super delicious, it is also sooo easy to make. No oven needed. No cooking necessary. Just layer it up, freeze and boom! Amazing dessert!

I also love making this because it only needs 4 ingredients. Yep, 4, even 3 if you omit the crushed graham crackers. Inexpensive,too.

Last weekend, I made mango float. My sisters visited us at home and requested for some. I couldn't say no. A good excuse to have some for myself. :)

So, these are the ingredients...

1 kilogram ripe mangoes, sliced thinly
2 packs Graham crackers
2 cans Angel Kremdensada ( cream and condensed milk in one)
ground graham crackers 

And here is how to do it. 
1. In a rectangular dish, layer the Graham crackers at the bottom.
2. Pour the Kremdensada over the crackers. Spread.
3. Put the sliced mangoes over the cream mixture.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 until the dish is filled.
5. Sprinkle some crushed Grahams on top.
7. Freeze for at least 6 hours or overnight to set.
8. Slice, serve and enjoy!

Note: You can also mix 1 part all-purpose cream and 1 part condensed milk if you dont have Kremdensada in your pantry. Personally, I used Angel Kremdensada because its convenient since I dont have to make my own cream-milk mixture. It also translate to less mess to clean up in the kitchen afterwards. :)
Also, you can use other fruits in season. Some even make use of canned fruits. Its really up to you.

It was a hit! My girl has been eating it the whole day. My sister who has gestational diabetes even had a teeny weeny slice. No worries because I used Angel Kremdensada, so it was not overwhelmingly sweet. Just the right sweetness to tease the buds.

Try it, gorgeous ladies. Let me know if you love it,too. In the meantime, Im gonna have that one last slice before it gets devoured by the mango float monster named Zay.:)

Tara, let's eat! :)


  1. This sounds delicious and I want to try it but I don't think I've ever seen that cream and condensed milk thing before. Is there a substitute? Will have to look for mangoes too. Its one of the things I miss about the Caribbean. Have a happy weekend!

  2. Oh,I forgot to note that. :) You can mix 1 part all-purpose cream and 1 part condensed milk. You canalso substitute mangoes with any fruits in season.:)

  3. Wow! Just the right dessert for people like me who don't really cook, hehehe! Will definitely try this, maybe this coming holidays :) Thanks Mommy K! :)

  4. I love dessert too! As well as this one 'coz it's so easy to do/make! Hassle free! Hihi. ^^

  5. i love this sis! favorite ko tong gawin kase it does not require major cooking skills from me hehe. i once tried it with banana and it was bad lol. but mangoes and peaches are always good <3 will try Angel Kremdensada next time, this is the first time ive heard of it. i usually mix milk and cream when i do this :D

  6. I never heard of that before but it sounds really tasty.

  7. this is so yummy! it is also one of my favorite desserts :) lahat naman ng matamis actually type ko haha! though i haven't tried doing this at home. lagi lang ako nagpapagawa kay mama. maybe i'll try this on my own next time. thanks for sharing sis!


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