Books I Love: YA Edition

Maybe because I feel nostalgic.
Maybe because I want to feel young and carefree.
Maybe because I am a child at heart.
Or maybe because teen novels has come a long way and there are a lot of good teen novels at present.
I am just loving teen fiction nowadays.

You see, I am devouring YA novels like peanuts. Nonstop, that is. No matter how busy I am, I always read a book or two, sometimes three, a week. Well, I read books especially when I'm busy. It saves me from going crazy with the stresses of life and from pulling my hair out of my head.

So here are the teen novels I love, listed in no particular order. I would have loved to rank them but God help me, I just cant decide which I love most. All of these left me happy, in tears, and affected enough to rave about them for days. These YA novels will surely find its way to the young's heart and those that are not-so-young.

1. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
Eleanor was right. She never looked nice. She was an art.
And art arent supposed to be nice.
It was supposed to make you feel something. 
I love it because the characters arent perfect. Park was not your typical popular high school hunk. Neither is Eleanor. Both of them sound like everyday people you meet on the street corner. Not perfect but real. And my sisters and I end up discussing the ending for days.
Have you read Attachments, Fangirl and Landline by Rainbow Rowell? If not, you really should. Love all of them.
By the way, Rainbow is her real name. How cool is that?

2. Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler
The thing with your heart's desire is that
your heart doesn't even know what it desires until it turns up.

Two people who broke up could never be friends.
If they are, they are either still in love or never were.

Here is what I think about the book. Can I go cry with Min now?

3. The Fault in our Stars by John Green

And I have rambled on and on about TFIOS in here.

4. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

I have hated the words and I have loved them.
And I hope I have made them right. 
This story is narrated by Death, set in the World War II. It tells how not only the Jews suffer in the war, but how the Germans did, too. This is my sister J's favorite book and knowing her taste, that's saying a lot.

5. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

A lot of you cared, just not enough.

You cant go back to how things were, how you though they were.
All you really have is now. 
The story starts with Clay, who receives a package with 13 tapes inside. He soon finds out that these tapes are from Hannah, a girl who committed suicide a few days ago.
This novel is painful and sad. It will bring tears. It will make you think about how much impact your words and actions have to other people. Please bring a box of tissue when you read this and make sure you don't run out, so make it two.

6. Just One Day, by Gayle Forman

We are born in one day. We die in one day.
We can change in one day and we can fall in love in one day.
Anything can happen in just one day.
You can all find it in Just One Day. I may have cursed at the end of the book because the author of If I stay, Gayle Forman, left us a cliffhanger. Better grab Just One Year, the sequel or you will surely  be reeling from the suspense. 

7. Meant To Be by Lauren Morrill

Why does everyone think a girl who prefer books to people must be in want of a life?
Looking for an escape from some dark, intense read? This book is it. Light and cute and crazy and fun. It sums up Julia's class trip to London. Pair her up with the funny and spontaneous Jason and you got yourself an easy, likeable book. So go curl up in bed in this rainy afternoon and start going gaga over your MTB.

8. The Absolute Diary of a Part-time Indian by Alexie Sherman

I found myself rooting for Arnold Spirit all the way in this story. I cried when he lost his grandmother and sister. I almost felt his pain as if I was the one on the receiving end of Rowdy's knuckles. I felt for him when he had to walk kilometers from school to his home, when he was too humiliated having no money when he went out with friends. And I rejoiced when he had some victorious moments which I will not divulge here. Read this, come on, read this book!

9. Golden by Jessi Kirby

He always told me to look strong even if I don't feel it,
because sometimes, that's all you can do.

We are all more than the person we show to everyone else. 
Parker Frost didn't expect to have a secret drop in her lap in a form of a journal. A journal that is written ten years ago by the beautiful Julianna. A journal which left her questioning what really happened between Julianna and her boyfriend Shane.
If you are in the mood for love, tragedy and mystery, this book is for you.

10. The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider

I know everything happens for a reason but
sometimes I wish I know what that reason is. 
Varsity jock Ezra has everything going for him, until he got in a car accident and everything -his athletic career, his social life- fell apart. This tragic novel tells about new beginnings after tragic endings.

I look at my list and I realized I still got a lot more to add. Lots of great books nowadays. Maybe I'll make another list. In the meantime, grab your favorite book and I would love to know what that is.

Happy reading!

( All images are not mine. Thanks, good old Google. As always.)


  1. I just told my daughter to get the Fault in our Stars for her book club. I didn't see the movie and I actually prefer reading the book then watching the movie then comparing them both. I heard it was an awesome movie so I would love to read it myself. Those are some other great books on your list. Will have to check out a few more of them. Thank you for the list.

  2. I have been checking up on you but still no new post. Glad to see you're back but we want to hear what's going on in your part of the world. Weekend hugs to you and the family. ((huggss))

  3. Hi Amanda! I am so happy and flattered that I am one of your regular reads. I really appreciate that and your words serves as a motivation for me to write more. Thank you!

    Have you notice? My posts has been becoming personal lately. I cant seem to write anything that isnt close to my heart. I have been writing more and more about my feelings. Maybe because I havent got no other venue to vent out but here. I hope you will still keep on reading.

    Thank you for always being such a constant resident of my comment section. And yes, I miss you and Madison, too. Hugs!

  4. Great list :) I have only read a few of them, it's nice to have a list of other books that would be worth reading!


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