What's up,Yzabella?

What's Up! What's up!

Missed blogging like crazy. Really do. I have come to realize that despite being busy and swimming up to my neck with work, I still go back and write here. I thought a few status update on Facebook and some pictures to back it up were enough. Apparently, its not. I still miss typing away my thoughts, without inhibitions nor restrains. Well, maybe a little censorship here and there, but just the same, I missed blabbing away. I found that I cant do it in other social media where my "friends" and "followers" are my friends and acquaintances in real life. I sometimes have to edit and hold myself back, lest I be called pretentious and/or putting on airs. But in here, where only a few people from my circle knew about this blog, I feel that I can be myself. I can say whatever I feel, whatever I think, without the fear of being judged nor of being looked down. This is what's great about being anonymous. I am free!

So, what has my baby girl been up lately? Well, she has grown soo big and tall. I am afraid her Dad's gonna beat up some suitors soon.

Look at the legs! Future Miss Philippines, I think. :)
Zay and her Uncle PJ.

She has been loving the kitchen lately.

Zay got sick too.Poor baby! :(

Thank God she is all better now. :) 

Its been a cold, rainy week here in our city. How is it in your end?

Hugs and kisses!


  1. Thank God she's alright. Drink lots of juice and don't forget your vitamins. Lots of hugs and kisses.

    It has really been cold out, oh my poor aching bones, hihi!

  2. I did miss your posts. I've been checking in every week trying to see when a new one will go up. I really did miss you guys. It does look like she grew up over night, well at least since the last time I saw her. Future Ms Philippines? I'm sure she has got it! Next will be Ms. Universe. :) I hate when babies get sick but I'm glad she's doing so much better now and I love that pizza. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

  3. It's been cooler than usual here in Batangas too, and I am so loving it! ^_^

    Good thing your girl's feeling better now, we all had colds too at home the past weeks but thankfully not severe enough to warrant getting hospitalized.

  4. good thing your little girl's better now. take care and oh, i followed you on bloglovin' ;)



  5. Kids literally grow up fast. I have a niece that's 5'7 already at the age of 10.

  6. I hate when my kids get sick, I'm glad that she's feeling better now :) It does look like she's getting really tall!

  7. Stumbled across your blog, love it! Your daughter is soooo cute and definitely a heartthrob !! <3
    Just followed you on GFC, hope to hear back from you!

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | Valentines Day Outfit


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