#Yolanda: A Little Help Goes a Long Way

There is nothing more depressing a sight as what is Tacloban and the rest of the Visayas is now. After super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) wreaked everything in its path including lives, our country has been in a state of emergency. Needs such as food, water and medicine are immense but scarce. You probably have stone for a heart if you saw the news on TV and wouldn't feel any compassion for the victims.

Yesterday, we talked in the class about what we saw on TV, about the survivors who needed food, about the children who needed help, about the people who died during the storm surge and about what we can do to help. I asked my pupils to pray for the survivors and those who perished. I also asked them to bring whatever they want to give to those who are in desperate need.

Today, they brought with them packets of noodles, canned goods, biscuits, used clothing, even toothbrushes and toothpastes. The school will collect all these donations, give it to an organization who will then ship all these to the Visayas region. My kids aren't rich yet they didn't think twice and gave what little they had.

What they gave were not a lot but its from the kids' pure hearts 

Priceless smiles

A coin bank also went around the classrooms for kids to put some coins into. It is still for the victims of the typhoon. As the kids lined up and dropped coins in the can, I noticed a girl who gave a 10-peso coin. I asked her if she still have some money to buy her snacks later.
She said, " No, that is all I have. But its okay,Teacher, I will just eat when I get home. "
Such pure hearts.

God Bless Tacloban. God Bless The Philippines.


  1. uhhhh!!! such a big heart for those little one..I feel sad and really cant help myself but cry sis, everytime na manonood ako ng News,, =(

  2. We have to help in any way we can. Sweet kids! Bless them!

    1. Kahit kunti lang, malaking tulong na din. Thanks,sis!

  3. What sweet kids, I love how kind children can be :)

  4. I'm happy to know that you're all ok. I was a bit worried that you might have been in harms way. Kids are so generous and kind and don't think twice about helping. You have some great students and you're an awesome teacher as well.

    1. I am so touch with your concern. Thank you so much. Although my family and I are okay, some people are not. And it is so sad.

      Thanks again , Amanda.


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