Hello November!!!

I miss you!!!
I haven't logged in here for what seemed like forever! I don't have an excuse except that I am on a holiday. School here in the Philippines is on a semestral break. Although teachers have to report to school and attend seminars, it still was a welcome break from the chaos called my classroom.
So, what have I been up to? A lot,to say the least.

I had my thesis proposal defense, not the last one but at least I have one down. It went well, by the way. :)

Then , my girl had her first Halloween party. She went trick or treating,too. She had so much fun! I owe you guys a post about that.

I also exercised my right to vote. I'm glad the barangay election here in our place was a peaceful one.

Then there was All Souls Day, a special day for Filipinos to visit loved ones who have passed away. Its a big deal for us. A reunion of our big family was inevitable. It was sooo noisy and chaotic. And yes, it was fun!

Lastly, our christmas tree is up! Excited for the holidays or what?:-D

So here are a few snapshots of the month that was.

Yes, I had a great month. Here's hoping you did, too.

The starfishes we found during a beach outing we had

Can you see the rainbow?

Silver-themed christmas tree at mom's 

Tinkerbell and her minion

Let's vote in!

Thanks to my awesome sister, J, for the photos.:-)



  1. I saw a rainbow, wow..! and let's VOTE in,, galing..and Silver motiff of christmas tree.. nice sis.. ^^

  2. Yes sis, miss you, good thing you're back. And I understand why you have been away, family first! You have accomplished a lot, good luck on your thesis, the next one, you can do it. I like the starfish pics, christmas tree, rainbow and the picture of tinkerbell, she's so pretty by the way!

  3. WOOOOOW!~ The rainbow and the starfish! Amaaaaaziiiiiing!~ Natawa ako sa Let's Vote In! ^^

  4. Nainggit ako sa Christmas tree sis! hahaha kasi we've never made a Christmas tree ever since I was a kid. Maybe - just maybe - this Christmas I'm just going to make a wrreath. =)

    1. Hindi naman sa decors ang spirit of christmas sis. Kahit walang christmas tree basta Christ is the center of the family, okay na okay yan.:)

  5. Ay! your Tinkerbell is so cute, and congratulations on you successful defense :)

  6. great post! love the photos x

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  7. ang cute naman her halloween costume! nakakamiss mag trick or treating ^^

  8. I'm loving her costume. She truly does look like a fairy! I'm loving all the photos. I've never seen a starfish up close before. Happy that you got some well deserved time off. I know teachers really work hard, they're the parents away from the home. Hope you're having a great week!

    1. It was a much-needed break and I had fun. Thanks, Amanda!


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