Private Sales, Sexy Chefs and Other Events

I opened my mail today. And saw these invites.

 I would love to experience going to a private sale. Ang sosyal siguro non noh. Kahit di ko afford ang mga tinda, I would still love to look around and windowshop.Libre ang mangarap. :)

 Next up is the Good Food Press Lunch! I wanna meet Erwan Heussaff of The Fat Kid Inside
 Aside from the fact that this boyfie of Anne Curtis is such a hottie, I love guys who can cook ( Hi, hubby!)
Is it just me or is there something sexy in guys sporting an apron with a ladle in one hand?

Erwan will be there together with other celebrities who will cook their favorite brown rice recipes. Wouldn't it be fun?I'm pretty sure it will be. 

All these events and all those others I read about in other blogs sound really fun. 
 But I will not be there. I live down south, way too far. Malayo ako sa kabihasnan. LOL!
I wish we also have such events here.

Maybe, someday. :)



  1. Wow.. your lukcy to receive an invites,but then sayang because you are far.. Attending in an event is fun ^_^

  2. Happy naman ako for you, you're getting invites na, way to go! It means you're recognized na, which is a good thing cause you write real well ;)

    1. Your too kind. Teary-eyed naman ako. Thanks sis! But I think I still got a long way to go, a lot to prove.:)

  3. I love opening mail like that. Just getting the invite is awesome even if you can't make it. I would have loved to go to that first one. Hope you're having a great week.

  4. WOW! You're so lucky to receive an invites Ms. K! I'm so jealous! >.<

    I truly agree! I love men who knows how to cook! ^^

  5. The food event sounds like it would be fun! I love anything that has to do with food :) I live far from things too, we rarely have any events in my area.


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