Depotting My Lippies

This is what you will have when you have a curious little miss at home who loves to imitate everything you do.

All my lipsticks are broken, ruined and the tubes cracked. My lip gloss has its cap missing so it squirted out of the container and into my pouch. My eye shadow palette has craters in it and the colors have been mixed around. I cant find my Nichido eyeliner. Guess who is the culprit? My girl, Zay, who else? I caught her red-handed, more like red-lipped. Believe me, she applies make up like a pro. Perfect red lips, no mirror needed. I was shocked because she messed with my eyeliner and mascara without poking her eyes out. Oh my, I wouldn't be able forgive myself if ever she did.

You wouldn't be able to find a decent piece of make-up in my kit. That's why I haven't bought a single one in months except that Lots of Love lipstick (the one in the black tube pictured above) and look at its sad fate. I really have to find a make-up set that's made for little girls, ASAP!

In the meantime,  I have to salvage my lippies. The perfect thing to do is to depot them. I have read that its been done by make-up artists the world over to save on space. I found that its very easy to do,too. And the things I needed I can find in my kitchen except the small containers which I bought at the cosmetic department at the mall for Php21.

You will need:

your lipsticks
small container

Here's how I did it.

1. Scoop out the lipstick from its tube using toothpick. 
2. Place it in a spoon.
3. Melt the lipstick in the spoon using a candle. Mix it with a toothpick to melt the lumps.
4. Pour it into the container.

Voila! Lipsticks that look like new!

Now, I gotta find my eye liner. Its somewhere around this mess! :)



  1. Good idea. I also have broken lippies, but just too lazy to depot them, pinagtitiisan ko lang.

    I remember my sister and i used to play with my mom's make up din, i guess ganun talaga. :)

    1. I depotted it sis because kakahiya na mag-lipstick in public. Sira na lahat. :)

  2. Wow galing! My son ruined my one and only lipstick! lagi kasing nakikita ang mommy nanaglilipstick eh.

  3. That is such a great idea. I learned something new today. Madison loves to go into my lipgloss and I have tubes of it with no covers. There are quite a bit of all natural kiddie makeup on the market now. I got nail polishes for Madison but she's a little too young for the makeup. Your daughter is beautiful but wants to be just like mommy. :)

    1. I really need to buy kiddie make up soon. Zay loves nail polishes too. Thanks!

  4. I'm more amateur than Zay when it comes to make up! HAHA! This idea is awesome Ms. K! ^^

  5. this is amazing! thanks for sharing this idea sis :)

  6. My youngest son put my lipstick all over his face last year :) I took a picture so I can show him when he's a teenager! I love your idea for the lipstick, such a great one!

  7. Hahaha! I can only imagine you getting your little girl caught in the act, I knew it only made you laugh more than got angry :)

    1. Oh yeah. How can you get angry at such an adorable lil make-up artist?hehe

  8. Just checking in on you. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  9. My daughter would love to get her grubby mitts on my makeup too, fortunately I always manage to catch her before she could unwittingly ruin anything. When she wants to wear lipstick, I tell her to pucker up and just kiss Mommy on the lips. Works everytime. ;)


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