Bouquet of Awards

Today is one of the times I felt like a school girl, excited to go to her recognition day. Nothing beats the feeling that after all your hard work, you get recognize by people around you. That is exactly how I feel whenever I get awards like this.

These handful of awards are given to me by  The Home-Based Diva. I have been following her blog for quite sometime now, loving her delicious yet simple recipes, her make-up reviews and her thoughts on random things. I felt like she was my bff in my past life. Definitely someone I would be friends with in real life.

Im gonna pass on these awards to the great blogs around. But first, the rules:

1.        Display the award on your blog.

2.              Announce with a post.  Make sure to post and link back to me as a thank you for the nomination.

3.              Present up to 15 awards to deserving bloggers.

4.              Drop them a comment after you have linked them in the post.

5.              Post 7 Interesting Things About Yourself:

*I love dresses. I buy dresses even if I don't get to wear them.
*Do you ever felt that your so stressed out , with a million things to do, yet, you love the adrenaline rush? I do. A lot of times.
* I don't wear a watch. I just like my arms bare.
* I don't wear my wedding ring and my engagement ring. Hubby doesn't mind. He doesn't wear his,too. He is a chef kasi. No jewelry in the kitchen, please. 
*I love coffee. I love it bitter and creamy.:)
* I had an 8mm kidney stone. Thank God its out. Im staying away from salty foods. Yup, those yummy, salty food.:(
*I am a curly-haired chick that used to dream of straight hair. Now, I wanna embrace that curly chick again and love her whatever kind of hair she got.

Kitty Kat, thanks a lot for these awards. God knows how interesting my blog life has become since knowing you.



  1. Thank you for the award. I'm so very honored. Seems like Saturday is definitely going to be my award day. Thank you for stopping by my blog as well. We really appreciate you visiting. :)

  2. kristine is a workaholic ^^ btw i also love dresses if i could were dresses as pambahay i would haha. also, thank you thank you so much for the award <3 i really appreciate ^^

    1. Minsan lang workaholic, sis. Kadalasan, napapagod din.:)

  3. Mommy K, i feel the same way, I feel connected to you. I love dresses, I also had a problem with my left kidney (which unfortunately had been removed), i also have curly hair that I've been trying to tame like forever, HOW FREAKY is that! It's positive, we're long lost BFF! FRIENDS!!!

    1. Wow! This is freaking amazing! I agree, we're long lost friends. Cheer to our cyber friendship! :)

  4. Yay! I love dresses, but jowa doesn't want me to wear too much of dresses, because I looks like a teen when i do.. Sighhh. I used to have a curly hair too, but I had it rebond. hmmm. keep safe always.. and Same as your's, i Love coffee..Thanks again.

    1. Swerte mo naman sis. Always looking young ka pala. Aging is not a problem with you. Ako, paranoid na sa wrinkles. hehehe!

  5. super love your first line for no. 7!i can't resist buying dresses too :)

    and i agree that it is always fun to receive such award from fellow bloggers. mas nakakagana magpost :) have a happy weekend sis!


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