Going Paperless

I gave in.
After weeks of indecision, I finally gave in and bought a tablet. I rather strongly promised myself not to buy one because:
 1. Its expensive. Thousands of pesos will be spent for that little piece of gadget that might go obsolete in a matter of months. Yes, months! With the way technology has been going, God knows what will be trendy next month.
2. Another distraction for the little one. It will cut down on her study time. How will we study if she has Candy Crush and Pou to play? She can be hard-headed pa naman at times.
3. What would we do with another gadget? I have my laptop that serves me well. I'm pretty satisfied with it despite its bulk.

Well, thanks to my cousin, I changed my mind. My cousin has an Ipad Mini. When he visited our home, I got the chance to use it. Lo and behold, I found it really cool. I'm not so much of a gamer. But what got me sold was the free e-books! Hubby has been nagging me about my collection of books that has overflowed to our floor. Most of these are fictions from way back my college days. Kaya naman may sentimental value ang mga ito sa akin. I saved my meager allowance to buy these.I cant let him throw it out!
But I got his point. Our house is messy with all those books in the corner. Dusty,too, triggering my asthma. And e-books are green and eco-friendly. No trees are cut down to make those pages.  That's why I realized that a tablet can be my life saver. I cant give up reading. You might as well say I should stop breathing.
So I threw all my hesitations out the window and bought a tab. Not the expensive one ha. I'm not ready to shell out big bucks for something that may go out of style in a snap of the fingers. Just some cheap brand that serves the same purpose. And I'm pretty much happy with it.

What did I realize after the purchase? That I can count on my girl to keep her word. She and I came up with an agreement that she cant use it on school days,she cant bring it to school, and she will only play with it for an hour at a time. So far, I haven't been having any problem( crossing my fingers). My girl has been keeping her end of the bargain.

Any good books you can recommend?


  1. Uyy sis, talaga naman. I also love, love to read. Would you believe nung highschool meron kaming book lovers club, teehee! I don't know what to do din with my books. Kahit may iPad nako, iba pa rin pag libro, hehe.

  2. Agree sis. Iba pa rin ang feeling when you turn the pages. Gusto ko na din i-donate ang mga ito para mabasa ng iba. I'll just keep my most, most favorites. Ano ba latest read mo,sis?

  3. Yay!I am not a book lover,i don't know why I am not into reading books. Congrats to your new baby sis. ^^

  4. Hmm latest reads, chic-lit books lang super light reads, yung walang drama masyado kasi hindi ko na kelangan ng added drama pa, haha

    1. Oh yeah. Me, too. Stop muna ako sa mga heavy stuff. My life is ma-drama enough. :)I recently read Paper Towns by John Green. Teen Fiction na peg ko.Hehe!

  5. I love e-books since they don't take up much room. Plus there are interactive books that my kids can read and learn spelling, reading etc. We have two tablets and I love them both :) You'll learn to love your new tablet I'm sure!

  6. Sana college pa lang ako nakilala ko na kayo. Love ko rin magbasa, unfortunately wala man lang akong naging kaibigan na book lover, and I'm also a believer or saving the environment. Nag iipon nako for Kindle! :) hehehe! Mommy K Game of Thrones daw maganda kung mga fantasy ang type mo.

    Ang cute naman ni little girl, mukhang enjoy na enjoy sya sa tablet :)

  7. Sis I nominated you for an award, ok lang din if you're busy, i understand but I hope you like it.


  8. congrats on your new tablet <3 ako naman i cant seem to save up for a tablet but its something i want din. hintay nalang ako ng tablet na hulog sa langit hihi ^^


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