Higalaay: Kagay-an Festival 2013

I am from Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao, Philippines. Proud to be a Kagay-anon!It is the so-called gateway to Mindanao. CDO, as we fondly call our place is nicknamed the city of golden friendship. You may ask, why is that? Forgive me for this short history lesson. "Oro" means gold but gold cant be found in the city's riverbanks nowadays. Instead, gold can be found in the hearts of Kagay-anons, known for their friendly and open disposition. :)

 August 28 is the citywide celebration of the Kagay-an Festival 2013. "Higalaay" which means friendship was the main theme of this year's celebration.It is the feast of our patron saint Saint Augustine. A lot of activities and events were lined up since the beginning of the month. Some of these are captured in these photos. 

Parade around the city,participated by the different schools

Parade of Icons

These pics are not mine. I grabbed it from the official Facebook page of the festival.I didnt witnessed the festivities kasi in person. I just watched the live telecast of the events.  I am not gutsy enough to brave the crowd! Ang dami lang talagang tao. And the heat, oh the heat. So I just watched the events in the comfort of our home.:)

It looked fun, right?

What's fun in CDO? You can go whitewater rafting if you are the adventurous type. Ziplines are fun here since Dahilayan Adventure Park is a mere hour and a half ride from the city. Nature tripping is your thing? We have a lot to explore here,too. Malls and hotels are sprouting like crazy! Goes to show that the city is indeed in bloom.And you cant go wrong with the friendly and hospitable people of the place. Come to think of it, Filipinos are known to be friendly and hospitable, not just the Kagay-anons. Thats why, despite of all the floodings, bombings, and awful political news nowadays, its still more fun in the Philippines. :)
More fun, indeed!


  1. Happy fiesta sis! taga cdo ka pala :) so magkasunod ang feast niyo at ng mga taga davao, saya naman!

    last time na nakapunta ako ng cdo-camiguin 2007 pa. pero sobrang memorable (first ever flight ko eh hehe). and yes, the best yung white water rafting. sana nga makabalik ako dyan.

    yung sunken cemetery, ginamit na location sa ouija diba? naalala ko yun sa camiguin eh :)

    1. Talaga sis? Wow naman. Nakapag water rafting ka na pala. Ako hindi pa. hehehe! I know right. Dapat I should try it. Soon!
      Yup, Ouija was shot in Camiguin. And another movie, too. A love story. I forgot the title.
      Sana maka bisita ka uli. sis. :)

  2. Happy Fiesta, I have cousin's living in CDO too,, hihihi..

  3. gold can be found in the hearts of Kagay-anons, known for their friendly and open disposition - more valuable than gold i believe! Happy fiesta!

    1. Oo nga sis noh. Nothing compares to the happy outlook of Filipinos, not only the Kagay-anons. More precious than gold talaga. :)

  4. Oh this looks like a lot of fun. Wish I was there to celebrate as well. Have fun!

  5. It looks like a lot of fun! Love the pics :)


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