Watermelons and Farmville

I am praying for rain. Lots of rain! Because watermelons love it.

This is our little farm of watermelons. Hubby and I are both working but we have this little farm that our cousin is taking care of. We are not the one farming,per se. We are not the one working our butts off under the heat of the sun. We are the financial supporter. This is our sideline, our other source of income, our passive earnings.

Watermelons are easy to grow, and they grow fast too! Just 3 short months and its harvest time. It just that they need lots of water. They grow big when there is abundance of water. My hubby was kinda worried the past week since we were having dry weather here in Northern Mindanao. But thank God, rain has arrived! And quite a big downpour at that. I felt like dancing in the rain.:)

Doesn't this reminds you of Farmville?
This is what I love about living in the countryside! Watermelons, anyone?



  1. If only you live near here,padadalhan kita, sis.:)

  2. wow!this is really amazing sis :) nasa long term goal ko rin magka-farm. sana magawa ko! haha!

  3. We LOVE watermelons. It's one of our favorite fruit to eat and so easy to cut as well. I can eat it all day. Guess what? You've just been awarded the Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness by Growing Up Madison. Check it out! :)

  4. I love watermelon! How nice to grow your own x

  5. Wow Mommy K! naa diay ka real-life Farmville? How nice naman. How I wish we have too.. hehehe


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