After 23 years of hibernation, Im back! It felt that long. Life is catching up on me again. I need an extra 5 hours in my day. That’s how I felt with all the stuff that needs my attention, and things to accomplish, and/or submit . Mind you, I’m not complaining. At least I try not to. Oh well… Memo to self: See the positive in things. J
 I have been online everyday and I’m updated with all the posts of the blogs I’m following.  But I haven’t been posting any entries in mine.I don’t know. I just don’t have anything going on worth blogging. My life is just plain busy. Nothing interesting in that.  
What have I been up to the last few days? Well, haven’t got a day-off this past 2 weeks. Worked Monday to Friday. Went to school Saturday and Sunday.  Yeah, I now look like a zombie with my eye bags hanging down to my knees and my face is breaking out like crazy. Haggardo Versoza to the nth level!

Anyway, I’m just thankful for the few hours I have spent with Zay and Hubby on the weekends. I met them at the Centrio Mall on Saturday afternoon after my class, went to church since we didn’t have the time to go on Sunday, strolled around the mall, and had dinner. It was just a simple day out with the family. Nothing fancy, really.We didnt even spent much that day. Zay didnt played at Time Zone. She just played for a few minutes at the mall's mini playground. We sipped on some coke float while we window-shopped for a bit, looking at stores for a possible shoes splurge. Then we had dinner at a Filipino diner. For less than 500 bucks, we had a great time, possibly the best one we had this month. Just seeing my two loves walking hand in hand brought me so much joy that I forgot all about the goings-on around me. Moments like these are priceless, I wanna freeze it in a time capsule for me to take a glance when times are tough. 

 With both of them here with me, what more can I ask for? Oh well, maybe a day off? J


  1. Oh yes sis! I can feel you. I was that way when I was still teaching in college.

    That photo is truly priceless, nakakatanggal ng stress. Keep going sis.

    1. You used to be a clinical instructor,sis?
      Thank you!:)

  2. So sweet, and really priceless that moment ^_^ I miss yah tin.


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