Epic Awesomeness Award

There was this amazing little girl named Madison. She was a cute blogger toddler of Growing Up Madison. I love following her everyday adventures, reading about her favorite books and toys,  and just knowing her awesome self through her writings. She would visit my blog, too, and is very generous with her comments. I think we belong in this mutual admiration society we have unwittingly organized. She is a really nice kid. Im sure her mom is very proud of her. A lot of times, I wished she would be my lil girl Zay's playmate. Surely, my Lil Miss would love her.

So it was a very pleasant surprise when I learned that she gave me an award. An Epically Awesome Award, no less. Isn't it amazing how your blogger friends could unknowingly uplift your sad spirits at the very moment you are down? have been toying with the idea of giving up this blog (thus the scarcity of entries nowadays) because of my rather busy schedule. Did I tell you that aside from being a wife and a working mom, I am also currently pursuing my masters degree? Yes, Im also studying and about to present my thesis study, as if my life not busy enough. That's why this blog has been quite neglected as of late. Then came this Epic Awesomeness Award that really boosted up my spirits! Its just simply amazing! 

In accepting this award, just do the following:
1. Display this logo,
2.Link back to the awesome person who gave you the award,
3. Share 10 things about yourself,
4.Nominate up to 10 other bloggers

Its that simple.Not a bad bargain, ayt?

So here are the 10 awesome(?) things about me.

1. I love adventures, of any kind, whether its place,food or life in general. I have even influenced my husband to a certain level. If only I have the luxury of time, I'd like to be in an adventure everyday! 

2. I love learning new things! Thats why I read anything. I love trivia and all things that arouses my ever vigorous mind.

3. I love shopping, mostly just the window kind. I love thrift finds! And know what, it seems like my daughter does,too. Mana sa nanay.:)

4. I am a late bloomer when it comes to fashion. I used to be a geek when I was younger. Just in my early 20s did I discovered the joy of dressing up. Thats why I love fashion blogs and I think all OOTDs are awesome.

5. I am the jealous kind of a wife. Just ask hubby.

6. I wish to have a pet someday. We have none at the moment because our fishes just died. We used to have 2 lovebirds, too. My girl loved them so much. Sadly, one died, and we let go of the other. 

7. I wanna try juicing. I read that it was a great way to be healthy. Although I have been juicing some veggies and fruits everyday for the past 2 weeks, I think I need to make this a lifetime habit. And I hope I can persuade hubby and Zay to try it, too.

8. I have a closet full of dresses I havent worn. I wish to have the guts to wear those soon. :)

9. I laugh at the most trivial things. And my laughter can be loud. Well, Im just happy that way. But when loneliness strikes, I can be too silent. Good thing, hubby is used to my mood swings and knows how to make me feel better. Right, Hon?

10. I hope to have another baby soon! Hopefully a boy. I'm not getting any younger, you know. :)

I nominate the following blogs which are equally, epically awesome!

Thanks, Madison! Hugs to your awesome mom!

And you, my dear reader. Yes, you are awesome. You most definitely are!



  1. Wow! Kasali ako!? Thanks! Birthday gift! :) Thank you Teacher K!

  2. Wow. I am here again.. Thank you again,, Mommy kristine ^^ you are awesome .

  3. Aww you're so welcome! We do enjoy reading your blog. Good luck with the thesis, I know how challenging school can be when doing all these other things but I'm sure you can do it. Virtual hugs coming your way. ((hugs))

  4. thanks sa pag-nominate sis!I'll find time to do a post regarding this as well. good day!

  5. hello again sis, i have done this post, dedicated and thanks to you.


  6. Thank you Kristine for the Award! :)

  7. Wow! Congrats Awesome mom. I do have lots of clothes too that I do not wear, I guess I'm kinda awesome too because of that?? lol. Thanks for visiting my site. More power to you and go,go,go Super Mom!!


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