Be Positive!

Although it’s a long way since new year, I am making a new resolution.  I am not fond of having one at the beginning of the year. It’s meant to be forgotten kasi after a few weeks. It seems useless to do this at all. Yet I realized that I have been ranting about my busy life in my past posts. I myself, found it too pessimistic. I noticed that I have become too negative, failing to see the little things that give little pleasures.  What have become of me? Why was I dwelling on things that are depressing and somewhat draining?

That’s why I am making a very late new year’s resolution. I am making a happy list every week. I am making a list of all the things I am grateful for the week no matter how small and irrelevant it may seem. I am going to be thankful and dwell on the positive things in my life. Sure, there are still things I am going to rant about. Of course, there are still situations I am gonna complain about. But from now on, I am not gonna dwell on those. I am gonna be grateful and make my happy list, knowing that my happiness starts in ME.


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