Things Im Grateful for

Its a rather busy week. A lot happened not only in my life but in our family. It was a week for the books. But despite of it all, there are still a lot of things to be grateful for.

First, a baby is always a blessing. Yes, we are expecting a baby! Bad news, its not mine.:) I wish its mine. Still, the family is thankful. A big YES for Zay's playmate. Cant tell you more about it. Its not my story to tell.;)

Another thing.Last night, we went home to my mom's house. It was fun! The family was complete. My sisters were home too. We cooked and ate a lot, as was always the case when we're together. There was a lot of laughter. I knew from mom's face that she was happy. Its a rare occasion when all's together. Thank God for family!
Camwhoring: 3 sisterettes and cousins, Wing and PJ

Then my Tita Pat is home from New York! We missed her. She'll be here for a month. Great times! And I have some pasalubong!!! Thanks tita!

Yummy for the tummy
Yummy for the face
Benefit mascara, Benefit blush on, MAC mineralized skin finish, MAC eyeshadow, Clarins lip balm.

Thank God for a happy week! Tomorrow is Father's day. Zay and I are planning a surprise for the padre de familia. Cant wait!

 Hope your having a great weekend, too.



  1. Nice you had a great weekend, and family is one source of happiness, nice to hear you have a great family! :)

    1. Thanks claire. Bihira na kasi kaming kompleto. And when we are, its a riot. Ang saya lang!

  2. Nice to hear that you really had fun Sis ;)

    1. Yes, we had fun. Thanks tukayo! Hope your weekend was fun too.:)


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