The 45 and the Teacher

I am tired and desperately wanting some rest. But here I am, writing away, knowing that this is my kind of therapy, knowing that I wouldnt be able to sleep anyway without blogging about my busy week.
Yes, busy days are here again. The school year has started and teachers like me is on to a hectic start. Frenzied was my last 4 days. 

Last March, I felt not quite burned out but close to it. The previous school year has not been too kind to me. What with the latest ( and the biggest) change in the Philippine education system named K to 12, teachers have undergone some major training and seminars that left me exhausted to the core. But after the summer vacation, my energy and enthusiasm has been renewed and I am raring to go. My passion for teaching has been revived and I cant wait to get going.

And so comes the first day of school. For most public schools, it was chaotic! Thousands of students flocked to the schools. When I say its almost a stampede, Im not exaggerating. It was noisy and hot and frantic but it didnt dampen my good mood. I was in high spirits! I was just so excited to meet my new set of Grade One kids. And indeed, it was quite a challenging set.

I have 45 kids in my class. Aging from 6 to 8 years old, I am faced with a wide variety of individuals. The moment they entered the room, I knew my whole nine yards of patience will be tested extensively. 

Let me tell you about some of them. About 95% of them dont know yet how to read. There are at least 5 who still dont know how to write their names. About half of them needs to practice writing. I can now pinpoint those who needs my attention more because they can be so unruly and noisy. I have this kid who cried and shouted and almost broke my eardrums the moment he lost sight of his mother. 
This is my jammed classroom, home of 45 kids with a million different intelligences. 

But at the end of the day, as I wait for sleep, I smiled to myself as I remember this group of girls that says, "Your so pretty, Teacher!" every 10 minutes. And this kid who sheepishly came to asked for me to open his lunchbox and thank me like it was the best thing that ever happened to him.  And the way they sang their hearts out and danced and turned around and jumped. And the merry shouts of " Goodbye, Teacher!" as they excitedly scramble to the door. 

Yes, I am tired and drained. I am a weary traveller at the end of the day but its amazing how I still wake up the next day refreshed, looking forward to going to school.

Yes, teaching can be a pretty exhausting job but when I see these kids eagerly raise their hands, wanting to answer when I ask questions, when I see them show their moms the artwork they have done for the day, when I checked their papers and stamped a smiley face on it, I beam to myself knowing that I have chosen the best profession in the world. 


  1. Hello Mommy K! You're a teacher pala! I have such big respects for teachers because like you said, one of the best and noble professions in the world,! Hats off to you and all the teachers out there :)

  2. I salute you and to all of the teacher's Mommy K.. without them, we are nothing. Just keep it up. ;)

  3. Thanks Ms.Claire and Ms.Jocris. Mahirap maging teacher but its fulfilling. :)

  4. Those 45 kids are lucky to have you, Teacher Kristine! =) And I couldn't agree more with Claire and Jocris.


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