My Water Baby at Spring View Resort

Do all kids love the water or is it just my little girl? Zay just loves swimming! I remember on her 2nd birthday, we held it by the pool in a hotel. It was raining.  A storm was brewing the whole day. But nothing could stop her from taking a dip. All the other kids were in the shade but she was enjoying the water so much, she would cry when I attempted to get her out. Keber sa bagyo! Of course, I was with her all the time. I was shivering but I gotta keep up with her energy. So yun, fever galore after the party.

Last weekend, when I said we were going to attend her cousin’s 7th birthday, she was ecstatic! Pool partey! She was so excited she couldn’t finish her breakfast. She kept bugging us to hurry up and get going. She was jumping up and down, too excited to be still. That’s why we arrived early in the venue, even ahead of the birthday celebrant.

The party was held at Spring View Resort, Jasaan Misamis Oriental. It was about 40 minutes away from Cagayan de Oro. It was a good enough place,not too expensive. Just perfect for family outings. It has three Olympic size pools, a kiddie pool, a slide and a bunch of cottages sprinkled around. For only Php40 as entrance fee, you can enjoy all their amenities. Cottage rentals range from Php800-3000 depending on the size. Affordable, ayt?

As soon as we got there, my water baby changed into her swimsuit. With her cousins, she was dipping in the pool from 11am till 4pm. She just got out for lunch and some snacks. All the kids were in the pool the whole time, goofing around, sliding and riding on the backs of the kuyas. 

The loves of my life
Are they having a great time or are they having a great time?

         While quivering after a long day in the water, she said, " Mom, when I grow I will be sooo rich that I will build a swimming pool bigger than this." 

Magdilang-anghel ka sana,anak. :)                                                  



  1. Awts... Ivy too like's to go swimminng. hayss..She know's how to swim already na nga. need lang ng practice pa.

  2. Si Zay hindi pa sis. She just loves splashing ang making tambay in the water.

  3. That water looks divine and those are some great photos. Madison is a huge fan of water as well. We decided not to fill up the pool this year because our city is on a water ration but I plan on buying a little one for her so she can have fun in without making a mess of my bathroom. :)

  4. Maybe all kids love playing in the water. I remember my nephew, at first he was so afraid, but when he got the hang of the waves, ayun hindi na mapaahon, haha!

    1. Zay was never afraid of the water. hehe! Pinaglihi ko ata sa tubig.:) Thanks, Claire!


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