Daddy's Girl

This is hubby and our baby girl. Yes, I know. Magkamukha sila. They look so alike that when Im with them, I feel like an outsider. Notice the eyes. Both have Chinese-looking (or Korean,basta singkit,hehe!) eyes that seem to vanish when they smile. They have the same build, on the skinny side while I am a little plump.:) They are fair-skinned, Im one or two shades darker. Their mannerisms are even the same.Whenever we're together, I look like the yaya (hahaha!)or maybe a family friend. I just dont look like my daughter.

" Kanino ba nagmana  si Zay?". That's the usual question of people who havent met my husband. Once they see the two together, everything falls into place. "Ah, sa daddy pala!"

Have you heard about some elders saying that when the child takes after the father, it only means mommy is the one more in love with him? Ganon? Well......But Dad, you love me first. Ikaw ang unang hahabol-habol sa akin.Remember?

But if you ask hubby, the similarities end in the physical. According to him, Zay's attitude is all me.
Short-tempered? Me.
Spoiled? Me.
Crybaby? All me.
Witty? Yours truly. Smart? Ako.
Pretty? Ako!Ako na! Ako na lahat! Yup, she all got it from me.LOL.

But one thing's for sure, my dear hubby. Im glad you are her dad.


  1. you're correct, they look the same! :)my eldest and her dad looks the same, too. they say, "hindi talaga maitatangi!"

    Returned love from Rosels' Mom Diary

  2. They are really carbon copy hehhehe.. And wow, zay has a lot of medals huh!! Thumbs up.

  3. Were the same :) daughter ko panganay daddy kamukha talaga, he used to call her mini me, my bunso naman got her brows from her dad, they all have same mannerisms as well, glad to know I am not alone hehe :)

    1. Mukhang malakas ang genes ng mga hubby natin ah. Thanks for visiting!:)


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