What I Watch: Zombies and Everything Creepy

Sometimes I wonder if something's wrong with me. Is this a birth defect or am I just born weird?
You see, I'm not your typical girl when it comes to movies and TV shows. While my friends are going cray cray over The Vampire Diaries and Twilight, I was watching CSI and Riddick. My girlfriends loved Pretty Little Liars and I swear (cross my heart, hope to die. LOL! 90s kid talaga.), I tried watching the first season. But I just couldnt get my mind to stick to it. Yes, it got suspense but darned it, it got too much sweetness its sickening!

I'm not passing judgment to those who love these shows. To each his own naman tayo, di ba? Most girls loved those shows and I must admit, these series have elements that really captivates the audience. There was also a period that I love these light and charming shows like My so-called Life, Dawson's Creek, and Felicity.

Taste really does change. As I grew older, I got over my saccharine obsessions ( in shows, not in food, unfortunately. hehe!)  Its just that, well, as I got older, I got morbid, I guess. My taste borders into the macabre, the gruesome, the gross and the horrible.

Want to see the evidence? These are the TV shows I love.

He was the reason I watched PB, this guy.
Cant wait for the new season!

The new series, Hannibal

I still do some chick flicks once in a while and I still cry over mushy movies (watched JLC and Sarah G. Stone me now.Hehe!).I even watched Korean series recently. Have you heard of Reply 1997 and Flower Boy Next Door?Yes, dont worry. I'm still in touch with my girly side. But the advantage of my current TV obsessions is that my hubby shares my love for the creepy. We don't fight over the remote control. We agree on what movie to watch. We get excited when a new episode is up. My hubby must think I'm one of the boys. :)

What TV shows do you watch?



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    1. Dont you just love Michael Scofield? I watched all the seasons.

      Thanks for dropping by mommy Krisna! Following you. :)

  2. I'm really not much of a watcher of television. I prefer to read.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

  3. I can tolerate the girly girly american tv shows, pero yung local, di ko talaga type!! I used to watch dawson's creek din. magka generation pala tayo, hehe! I prefer yung mga tv series na tipong FBI and CIA agents versus terrorist, prang Nikita, 24, mga tipong ganun. Not much of a horror fan although na iintrigue ako sa Walking dead, napapanaginipan ko kasi pag horror.The last one I got really hooked was White Collar. I missed watching tv, don't have much time na kasi.

  4. Same here,watched 24 too. pati alias. Yep,mukhang magka generation nga tayo.
    Hmmm,i will find the time to watch white collar. The new school year is about to start na. Busy days are here again.:)
    Thank you!


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