Travelogue: Cebu

My dream? To travel. If only I can afford to stop working and still have lots of money to finance this rather expensive hobby, I would travel the world. My bestfriend R and I even want to go backpacking around Asia. We were inspired by these 2 friends we read that quit their day jobs and went backpacking for a couple of years with only a few thousand pesos in their wallets. We wanted to do that. We are just an adventurous pair (in our past life :) Personally, I wanted to carry that big bag on my back, wear my shorts and eat exotic food of Malaysia or Cambodia. Well, maybe not eat exotic food but all the other things, even  trek for hours in some unknown trail, I would do willingly. Yes, I wont complain. I wont nag. I would just travel and explore and experience. But its a long shot. I just cant afford it.Plus I have a family now to consider. I just cant pack up and leave at the snap of the fingers. But a lady can dream, cant I? And since I might not be going abroad in the near future, why not explore the Philippines first?

Just last week, together with my hubby, my baby girl Zay and some of my co-teachers and their families, I went to Cebu and Bohol. This is a very special trip because this is a trip of "firsts".
 Its my family's first time to travel together. Hubby and I went to trips in the past but this was the first time Zay was coming with us. I was so excited to show her new places!
This is also the first time I'll be travelling with my friends S and N. Their son and daughters were going with us.  These are the kids' first time to travel, too. Isnt it exciting?
This is an unplanned adventure which added to the thrill. We decided to go on this trip only last April. My co-teacher M booked the flight for us. She was kind enough to handle all the details. Thanks M!

Well, I will let the pictures do the talking. Brace yourselves for some photo bomb!

Flight delayed but we were too excited to care. Smile pa rin.

Zay, praying during her first plane ride. "Its scary, mom!"

The Hubby

La Familia

The adventurous bunch. This was taken at the Lapu lapu shrine at Mactan,Cebu at high noon. Too hot! 

At Fort San Pedro, Cebu City

Pedro Calungsod (First Filipino Saint) Shrine
Magellan's Cross. At the back are some Koreans tourists. Zay was amazed with them. She  was listening to them talk and said," Ma, we will go to Korea someday." Sure Zay, we will surely go. LOL!

I have been to these places 3 years ago but I found that it was better the second time around. I dont know. Maybe because this time, I went there with the best travel companions I could ever ask for.



  1. We have the same dream. I want to travel too and do backpacking across S.E. Asia. I first heard of the term backpacking through a TV show, the host once quit his job and did backpacking for 3 mos. To me that sounded cool and fun. Then I watched the Sole Sisters being interviewed on TV for their travelling stories. They also quit their high-paying jobs and went on a 6-month-backpacking trip. And yeah, I still don't have the means, but most of all, I don't have the courage to embark on that kind of journey.


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