Travelogue: Bohol

Day 1:  Cebu

Day 2: Bohol

Our day started out sooo early. The night owl in me was protesting like crazy! We were up by 4am because we need to board a ferry at 6am bound for Bohol. Yes! We were going to Bohol!  I could catch up on sleep later.

Aboard Ocean Jet Fast Ferry

At last, Zay's awake!

Bohol, from a distance

Yes, I have arrived!

We love it! The smiles says it all.

The compulsory family shot

At Baclayon Church. It was amazing! I love old structures!

H with the giant python.....

at the Flying Colors Butterfly Sanctuary

Hanging bridge? No sweat!

Buhaghag hair at the Chocolate Hills

The kid and the kid-at-heart

Cinderella's castle.....

at Sagbayan Peak

Too bad, I didnt have a decent photo of a tarsier. The weather was cloudy and camera flash was not allowed because it stresses the hell out of those animals. Maybe next time...

We toured Bohol for a day. A big thank you to our tour guide, B. As I said, pwede na magtayo ng travel agency si Maam B.

I loved the place. Nature is untouched. Tagbilaran is clean and not too industriailzed. There are a lot of things to see. We just didnt had the time to go to Panglao and enjoy the beach. Well, there's always a next time. And I'm definitely coming back!

How about you? Had a great summer?



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