Ready for School!

Its less than a month before the new school year starts. That means summer is over, rainy season is a week from now (according to PAGASA) and my vacation ( a teacher here) is coming to a close. I'm actually excited for the school year to start! With all the lounging around I did all summer, I got fed up with all the free time in my hands. I wanna be busy and productive again. The fire and the passion to teach has been renewed in me. Bring it on!

Not only that. The other reason I'm raring to go is that my baby girl will be in grade one na! When it comes to our kids, time really flies fast! One day, Zay was just starting to walk. Now, she's entering grade school! And I am as excited as any mom. So thrilled that this early (actually, 2 weeks ago), everything is ready for her first day in school.
Zay's school supplies all from Gaisano Mall

The books,covered and labeled with her name.
Yes, the school has distributed the books before the school year began.
And we started studying na. :)

Disney lunch box and umbrella.
Black shoes from Payless.

Not pictured is her trolley bag back from last year. It is still good and looks like new so I didnt bought a new one. Cost cutting because the tuition fee is quite expensive.

O di ba? Ready to go na ang aking little girl! All these for a little more than Php2k only. Not bad,right?

Mommies, are your kids ready and excited for school, too?



  1. looks like you + you're little one's all set + cool you got all these lovely items at Php2000! it does pay to reuse old school stuff that are still in good condition, mum saves loads of money by doing that.

    i cannot wait for my little man to go to school! he's attending playschool this year to get him ready for the big school next school year!

    thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  2. Yes,im reusing her trolley bag and some of her art materials. Thats a good heap of savings!
    Thank you!

  3. waaahhh! we're not ready yet! bad mom here.. :(

  4. Not a bad mom,just a lil busy. Anyways, you still got a few more days.:)


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