On friendship

When I was younger (read high school age), my world revolved around my friends. Sure, I got crushes and I succumbed to fangirling of my days ( boyband era,yikes!) but my friends were the ones who were always by me. I didn’t have a boyfriend. Aside from the fact that dad would have killed me, I was shy and a late bloomer, making me not a girlfriend material. That’s why every single minute was spent with friends.

My friends and I would go to school together since our house was on our way. We would chitchat before classes. We would talk even while the classes were going on. LOL! At the end of the day, we were still inseparable! We’d study together,gossip some more and go to church together before going home. This was all before the technology boom so no cellphones or internet yet. Just plain old talk between friends. Closeness to the highest level talaga!

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My point is, it’s different now. We don’t see each other as often. We don’t even text or call or tweet regularly. This is a mortal sin considering all the technology at hand nowadays. But that’s the sad truth.  I’m guilty, too, of not keeping in touch more often. Yes, we are all busy dealing with life. Yes, we have families, jobs, partners and kids that get in the way of friendship. But it just makes me sad. We all lived in the same city yet we don’t see each other for months! Isn’t it just so sad?

Yesterday I saw my close friend K at the opening of Rustan’s at Centrio. We bumped into each other amidst the massive crowd who were busy shopping. I broke into a huge grin upon seeing her. I haven’t seen her in month and I heard that she was sick. I hugged her and excitedly asked what happened.

I asked, How was you?  Ok lang.
Are you ok? Ok lang
What’s up? What happened (referring to her illness)? Long story.
Did you receive my texts? No, my phone is off sometimes.

And we parted ways. It left a bitter taste in my mouth. The conversation was flat, not something between close friends. Definitely not a conversation between two people who used to share everything, from secrets to dreams to heartaches. It felt forced and dry and rushed. Maybe because she was with her boyfriend.  Maybe because she was rushing back to work. Or maybe because we were in an awkward setting, a crowded supermarket, no less. I want to think that it’s because of all of these factors for I don’t want to admit that we were growing apart. Its sad when things you thought would last forever comes to an end. I don’t want things to change between us because I don’t want to end the friendship that has withstood the test of time.  I don’t wanna lose what we once had. Not now, not ever.



  1. I can relate.Sometimes, FB and Tweeter are not enough. Wala ang magic of touch.

    1. Yes,true. Sometimes,social media is not enough. Kailangan talaga effort to maintain the friendship.
      Thanks! :)

  2. Oh, i can relate to this as close to my heart. I asked myself if it's normal or is it just in my situation. i missed my old best friends, we lost communication when we graduated from school, then facebook came. i thought the spark of friendship is still there but i was wrong when i tried to reach out to them but i did not feel any excitement on their part. i often asked myself what happened. i just let it go. i think the long time of being apart from each other changed it. i guess that's how life really is.

    1. nkakalungkot lng talaga di ba?we long for the same closeness but its not the same anymore.hahay, thats life!
      thanks for dropping by!


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