My happy place: Daiso

Hi guys!
Everybody's asleep. And the nocturnal me is up and about. This needs to change fast because summer vacation is almost over.

One of the best things about being a teacher is having a couple of months rest and still receive the usual salary. Isnt it amazing? But summer is about to end. Another school year is almost here! That's why I enrolled Zay  in her new school today.

You see, Zay will be in Grade 1 this June and she will be studying at Sacred Heart Academy. We woke up early but arrived at school at 10am because Zay took a long time to finish breakfast. This will be a big problem when school starts.

Anyway, when we arrived, she immediately took the entrance exam. I was quite  the proud mama when she got 39 out of 40 items. She only got one wrong answer because she didnt know the Filipino word for chair( its silya, by the way). The teacher also said that Zay can read well. I got the biggest smile in my face the whole time we were talking. :)

After paying for her tuition and completing the enrollment procedure, Zay asked for us to go to the mall.Who am I to say no? We both love lakwatsa,you know.

Off we went to Gaisano mall. Zay had an ice cream and then, I dragged her to my happy place. Daiso! Yes, I love Daiso for several reasons. They offer really affordable items. From kitchen wares to novelty items, you can buy them for less than a hundred bucks! Most items are from Japan and USA and are really great. I got most of the things at home from this japan store. I can totally live there!
What cha gonna buy?

Daiso is Love!
pots and pans and more!

I didnt buy anything from Daiso today because the budget is for Zay's school supplies. But I'll be back tomorrow for that sauce pan and salt shaker and organizers and juicer and mugs and ..... Well, my list is endless.

What's your happy place?



  1. My happy place would be Forever 21 but I'm biased to stores where they have my size. LOL. I know what you mean about Daiso. I go inside and I almost never get out without buying anything. Hehe!


    1. I love F21 too. Too bad they dont have a branch here in Cagayan de Oro.

      Thanks for dropping by! :)


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