My Bucket List

If I would die tomorrow, what would I do today?

Morbid thoughts, but that's the essence of having a bucket list.

A bucket list is a list of things that you haven't done but you wanna do before you die. 

I really havent given this a lot of thought but I just read this blog that talked about death and it got me thinking about a bucket list. I want to do something worthwhile with my life. Don't you want to fulfill all your dreams? Isnt it great that when we grow old, we would look back and have a smile in our faces knowing that we lived a full and happy one? Isn't that the greatest? And I want to be just like that. I want to grow old and not have regrets because of things left undone, because of opportunities not grabbed. I dont want to dwell on what-ifs and what-could-have-beens. Why not try and conquer the world?

Presenting, my bucket list.

Lets start with the simpler things.
1.  Learn how to swim and swim confidently. I had a swimming class when I was in college. But I still cant do it right. When the water is deep, I cant swim na. Sad talaga, mommies. Kaawa-awa lang ang peg ko.
2. Fly a kite. Hindi siya uso sa lugar namin when i was a kid.Hehe
3. Learn how to ride a bike. Parang ang sad lang ng childhood ko.
4. Go fishing.

Now, lets go to the bigger ones.
5. Visit South Korea. Its culture is just so colorful.
6. See the Eiffel Tower and drink coffee in Paris. Oh diba, ambisyosa lang ang peg!
7. See the cherry blossoms in Japan.
8. Climb the Statue of Liberty and go shopping in New York! Wohooo!
9. See all of Italy and ride the gondola.
10.See and explore my own country. Im starting to do this but I got a long way to go. We got 7,107 island you know. That's not easy to explore. :)
11. Go on a shopping spree without looking at price tags!
12.Own a beach house.

Lets be adventurous naman!
13. Ride the zorb ball! I should have done this when we went to Dahilayan Adventure Park. Hahay, regrets!    Ito na nga ba ang sabi ko. I should have done it when I had the chance.
14.Run a marathon. Yes, thats an adventure na for me.
15. Go water rafting! Yes, its a crime for someone from Cagayan de Oro and not go white water rafting. Stone me! Haha
16. Bungee Jump! Do we have it here in the Philippines?
17.Learn how to scuba dive.

And for self-improvement:
18. Finish my Masters Degree. Soon! (Crossing fingers)
19.Learn time management.
20.Write a novel. 
21. Meet Bo Sanchez.
22. Learn to forgive and forget. This is so hard!
23.Enroll in a yoga class.
24.Volunteer in a charity.

For my family life:
25. Have a baby boy.
26. Play with my grandchildren
27. Retire at 50 years old, at most.
28.Pass a family heirloom to Zay and the baby boy.
29.Celebrate my golden wedding anniversary. 
30. Grow old with hubby.

Wew! That was long! I look at my list and I have a tight feeling in my stomach. It looks like a very hard list to achieve. But, I got a lot of years to fulfill all these(cross fingers!) After all, its lists like this that makes life a little more exciting, dont you think?

Do you have a bucket list? Can I take a peek?



  1. Thank you for linking to my post, Mommy K! :) I've been meaning to post my life list, but haven't completed my list yet so I'll wait until we're done with the list.

    Kim (Mom On Duty)

  2. Hi Kristine! It enjoyed reading your bucket list. I can relate to most. I'm reluctant to make one for personal reasons. Someday maybe.


  3. I'd never stick with a bucket list enough for my whole life! We made one of things we wanted to do before we moved from the city we live in now.

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog!

  4. you go girl!


  5. I love your bucket list! I've seen a few peoples' recently, which makes me want to write my own. I think once you put it 'out there' it gives you all the more incentive to achieve those things. I wish you all the best with your goals.
    Hannah x

  6. Thank you Hannah! Hope to read your bucket list soon.

  7. Good luck to us, Kristine! I made my own list early this year and promised myself to accomplish everything before I turn 30. And now I want to add "to have a baby boy", too. ;)

    1. Im heading over to your blog and read about it. :)

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