Nostalgic Musings of the Bored

And today is EDSA Revolution anniversary!  After all the confusion of whether i will have to work or not,  I received a message that it was indeed a holiday! (big grin) I was suppose to have a run today with hubby. But, you guessed it right! The bed just wont let me go so early. So I woke up late, ate a doughnut for breakfast and basically just laze around. (another big grin!)

Holidays just reminds me of friends. I miss them badly. Haven't been out with them in weeks and it felt too long. I talked with my bestfriend BR just this morning. I thought we could hang out and just chill, but no. She had some work to do and a meeting to run to.
 There is a thing called life that comes in the way. We are not getting any younger and we are all running a rat race. With a career,  family and kids, we just cant see each other often enough. We usually plan on meeting up and then something comes up and we wont be able to dine out or even have coffee. Sometimes, our schedules ran in a jumble that we couldn't even meet for each other's birthday. What a shame! I just miss hangin' and goofin' around with them like we used to. Oh well, missing them makes my moments with them even more precious,dont yah think lovely dolls?
Going japanese with Atath.....

And Kitten ,too!
Christmasing with Ruth,Rosgen and Bruth. My baby girl Zay took this photo.
 Looks like I got a phtographer in my hands.

With the photographer who had a tantrum because mommy is sooo kulit making her take more pictures.
Outfit: pink blouse by Instyle NY, generic blue jeans shorts, wooden hoop earrings, comfy slippers and a whole lot of confidence!

Next BFF outing? Soon I hope!:)



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