Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Style #1: Off to the mall

I really envy those plus-sized women I see around who are confident with who they are. Their positive aura shines and it shows through with what they wear. That's why I am trying my all to do the same and am trying to embrace all this bulk of a body I was blessed with. Hence, this segment of my blog is born. This is me, testing the waters of fashion because I'm one very late bloomer. Only in my late 20s did I tried to embrace myself and the fashion that suits this body type. And I must admit, there were a lot of bloopers along the way. I am way far from being a fashionista, but what the heck! I'm gonna die trying!

And this is attemp #1.

I went malling one Saturday with my baby girl and this is what I wore.
With comfort in mind, I wore this maong shorts since this is all the craze nowadays. Who says plus-size cant wear one?
I accessorized it with a black-and-white necklace, red dangling earring from Mags, and slipper thongs. I also grabbed a  sling bag I thrifted at Divi Night Cafe. The thong sandals I was wearing was comfy, too, for walking around. And walking we did.The.Whole.Day. Zay is just so tireless, dragging me from one adventure to another. Oh well, im enjoying it while it lasts.

Credits: photo taken by Zay, my official photographer...

This, I hope will only be the first of many.Ciao!


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